The "Queen Sonja Print Award 2016" Award Ceremony

The "Queen Sonja Print Award 2016" award ceremony will be held in Bergen on Friday, 26 August. This is an award founded by Queen Sonja of Norway, who shares a love for printmaking herself. The prize is being awarded by the Queen Sonja Art Foundation, established in 2011. Its objectives are the promotion and development of graphic art. The prize, which is given out every other year, was awarded in 2012 for the first time. MGLC Director, Nevenka Šivavec was invited to nominate a Slovenian artist and selected painter and printmaker Mojca Zlokarnik. This year, thirty exceptional artists from around the world have been nominated for the prize by museum directors, curators and artists. The jury members are: Starr Figura (curator of Drawings and Prints at MOMA, New York), Ute Meta Bauer (curator and Director of the NTU Centre, Singapore) and Martin Puryear (American printmaker and sculptor).

The nominees also include Nazgol Ansarinia and the Slavs and Tatars art collective, whose work could be viewed in Ljubljana in the Systems and Patterns exhibition at MGLC in 2012. The exhibition was curated by Nevenka Šivavec.

On the photograph: Mojca Zlokarnik: Evening, 2014, colour linocut. Photo: Urška Boljkovac.

Opening of exhibition Karel Zelenko in the NLB and MGLC Collections

opening, Wednesday, 10 August, 11 am
10. 8.−28. 9. 2016, NLB Gallery Avla

On the occasion of the retrospective exhibition by Karel Zelenko Be who you are and keep to it, the accompanying exhibition Karel Zelenko in the NLB and MGLC Collections is also being presented at the NLB Gallery Avla.

The NLB collection holds 16 of Zelenko's prints and one painting. Most of the exhibited prints come from the original art decor of the NLB building at Trg republike 2. In 1971, dr. Zoran Kržišnik made a selection of works for the new complex at Trg revolucije, as it was then called. The exhibition is complemented by 6 prints from the MGLC collection.

Karel Zelenko: Pendulum, 1991, etching.

Independent Biennial VS Zelenko

opening on 19 July at 7 pm, Lecture Room, on view until 18 September.

Independent biennial VS Zelenko is an accompanying exhibition with a selected range of Independent authors and comes as an independent intervention to the retrospective exhibition of Karel Zelenko in its visual as well as content form.

The artists, who drew inspiration from Zelenko's oeuvre, have in their own unique and contemporary way presented their story using mixed media: animation, digital graphics and video, exploring the possibilities of illustration as part of the context of the contemporary and the classic. The collaboration between MGLC and the Independent Biennial, who prepared the exhibition, is the first of its kind.

Participating artists: KITSCH NITSCH, LEALUDVIK, Leon Zuodar, Mina Fina and ROK MAR

In collaboration with the Biennial of Independent Illustration, Tretaroka.

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