The 31st Biennial of Graphic Arts on Tour: Répétition

The Villa Empain, Brussels, Belgium

13 May – 21 August 2016

Répétition is an exhibition curated by Asad Raza and Nicola Lees, Conceived as a circulatory system by which images,objects, and.bodies move through the Villa Empain, the exhibition-traces the global distribution of graphica rt across cultural boundaries, focusing on the productive power of accidents. The exhibition will bring together over thirty artists, drawn from Belgium, France, Germany, Iran, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Russia, Slovenia, UK, USA, transforming the Villa into a site for producing and distributing images. Artists include the 31st Biennial of Graphic Arts Grand Prize winner Ištvan Išt Huzjan and works on loan from the MGLC Collection, including: Karel Appel, Jim Atlan, Getulio Alviani, Max Bill, Danilo Jejčič, Kosuke Kimura, Lojze Logar, Roberto Matta, Ivan Picelj, Robert Rauschenberg, Gino Severini, Tinca Stegovec, Edvard Zajec among others.

The renovated Villa Empain, which is a unique example of Art Deco architecture in Brussels, was opened by the Boghossian Foundation in 2010. It has become an important cultural centre of dialogue between the cultures of the East and West.

Installation view at Villa Empain. Archive MGLC. 

Independent Biennial VS Zelenko

Opening on 19 July at 7 pm, Lecture Room, on view until 18 September.

Independent biennial VS Zelenko is an accompanying exhibition with a selected range of Independent authors and comes as an independent intervention to the retrospective exhibition of Karel Zelenko in its visual as well as content form.

The artists, who drew inspiration from Zelenko's oeuvre, have in their own unique and contemporary way presented their story using mixed media: animation, digital graphics and video, exploring the possibilities of illustration as part of the context of the contemporary and the classic. The collaboration between MGLC and the Independent Biennial, who prepared the exhibition, is the first of its kind.

Participating artists: KITSCH NITSCH, LEALUDVIK, Leon Zuodar, Mina Fina and ROK MAR

In collaboration with the Biennial of Independent Illustration, Tretaroka.

Summer at MGLC

Every Tuesday in July, 18.00–21.00


Karel Zelenko, Be who you are and keep to it, retrospective exhibition
Stojan Brezočnik, Travellers, 2011–2016

Selfie Postcard on the Tivoli Balcony
Visit the exhibition, take a step onto the balcony, choose a heart-frame, and make yourself a green selfie!

Photo. Urška Boljkovac

Workshops of artistic recycling
conducted by Anja Guid, Nika Rupnik and Jasna Zabel

5 July: Leaving Traces, printing with the body
12 July: Rolling Bottles, monotype with bottles
19 July: Auto-Mobiles, from the auto to the mobile
26 July: Colour Spray Pictures from packaging for detergents and colour substances


5 July: Didiwa, ethno rock 
12 July: Wild Strings Trio, ethno, Balkan
19 July: Ambrosia, jazz, blues
 26 July: Narcis in Eho, gypsy, ragtime, swing

5 and 26 July, 19.30–20.00
Dance performance on the Tivoli balcony and on the base of the monument. Conducted by Fourklor; choreography by Branko Potočan; performed by Tajda Podobnik and Katarina Krapež.

Photo: Urška Boljkovac

12 July at 18.00
Stojan Brezočnik, Travellers, 2011–2016; guided tour by art historian Marko Košan.

19. July at 19.00
Independent Biennial VS Zelenko
opening of the accompanying exhibition to the retrospective exhibition of Karel Zelenko.


The exhibitions are on Tuesdays view till 21.00, free admission can be enjoyed from 20.00 to 21.00. There is no charge for the events, activities and workshops.

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