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ZINE VITRINE | Leon Zuodar: Zinko Tiček
Zine exhibition
21. 2.–18. 3. 2017

project presentation: 
Tuesday, 21 February 2017, at 7 pm

Zinko Tiček is a small zine reading room at the Pivka House of Culture that was born from the ongoing and longstanding personal archive of fanzines, graphic books and comics by leader of the project and visual artist Leon Zuodar, who will present it as part of the Zine Vitrine programme.

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Upcoming exhibition

Contemporary zine production

24. 2.–28. 5. 2017

Opening & About Noon:
Friday 24 February, at 12 noon

Event 13+
Friday, 24 February, at 6 pm, Lecture Room (ground floor)
Audio and video performance by Marko Batista and Boštjan Čadež as well as socializing with the participating artists of the exhibition

The exhibition of zines continues the series of shows focusing on the various phenomena of print production. Printed zines have remained in the forefront despite modern information technology. Nowadays they appear with new and original contents, providing artists with a greater degree of independence and speed in creating their works, while retaining a feel for the ephemeral and the personal. The exhibition is conceived as a presentation of current zine art production, its differentiation and networking among artists. The artists in the exhibition are presented in relation to the different contexts from which they stem in their work – from sketch, drawing, print, painting, photograph, video to installation.

Artists: Beli sladoled, freštreš, LEALUDVIK, Leon Zuodar, Marko K. Gavez, Matjaž Wenzel & Rene Maurin, Mina Fina, Nejc Korenič, Nevena Aleksovski, Nez Pez, Simon Kocjančič, Tadej Vaukman, Zoran Pungerčar

Curators: Lara Plavčak, Božidar Zrinski

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