Wednesday, 2 November, 6 pm
Tomo Stanič: Still-life

The ŠUM Study Seminar at MGLC is a series of meetings or talks focusing on the contemporary art practices and their strategies of the mainly (but not exclusively) younger generation of artists from the local area. It is prepared by the research collective of ŠUM magazine in collaboration with the International Centre of Graphic Arts.

The seminar is coordinated by Domen Ograjenšek and Tjaša Pogačar.


Free-living plants 
and animal in Ljubljana, 
photography exhibitions

25 October – 13 November, Lecture Room (ground floor), free entrance
Tuesday – Sunday, 10.00 – 18.00

Environmental diversity has enabled the area of Ljubljana to be inhabited by different naturally occurring plants and animals. Most of them, however, have not been registered and counted as yet, but they certainly run into thousands, if not even ten thousands. The city centre itself is home only to the species accustomed to human company, whereas in its immediate surroundings some more timid, rare and endangered species can be found. To see the rare species »live« may one day even become part of the city's tourist attractions which, however, will not be to the liking of every guest, as they are not easily found at all. This means that much patience and knowledge is needed, as their homes have no house numbers at which one could have a good look at them. 

Exhibition enabled by Ljubljana municipality, Department of Environmental Protection
Author Davorin Tome and collaborators




The Centres of Printmaking: At the Intersection of Knowledge, Learning and Cooperation

You are cordially invited to attend the opening of the exhibition*, which will be held on Tuesday, 11 October, at 12 noon, at the International Centre of Graphic Arts. It will be accompanied by a guided tour of the exhibition in the company of the curators, Božidar Zrinski (MGLC), John Caperton (The Print Center, Philadelphia) and Ljiljana Tašić ("Akademija" Centre for Graphic Art and Visual Researches, Belgrade).

The exhibition is being organized in collaboration with two similar institutions from Belgrade and Philadelphia. The Print Center from Philadelphia (US), founded in 1915, is taking part with works by contemporary artists paired up with artists that have an important historical connection to their organization. The "Academija" Center for Graphic Arts and Visual Researches, founded in 1995, on the other hand, is part of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. It presents a selection of prints from its own production with an emphasis on artists of various artistic expressions, to whom printmaking represents an additional opportunity for exploration.

At MGLC we have decided on a new format of opening with added content, which will be held at midday.

Boja Bem: Swimmingpool, 2014, mixed technique.

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