June, August 2022

O naught, don’t bother naught for naught!

Azadeh Hashemzadeh is a graduate photographer who was born in Iran, where she worked as a professional photographer, photo and video editor and also opened her own photography studio. In 2018, she and her husband applied for asylum and in 2019 were granted refugee status in Slovenia, where she wants to continue her life journey. She has worked with the City of Women, Slovenian Philanthropy and various other festivals. In 2022, she was accepted into the European artist residency programme In from the Margins, and in June and August she carried out her experimental art project at the MGLC Print Studio.
Her exploration of printmaking techniques and the connection to her main discipline, photography, led her to create a series of prints in different dimensions. The motifs of a dancer taken from one of her art photographs, the text in Farsi and the graphic expression in the silkscreen technique combine here in a harmonious and lyrical way.
She has drawn on the verses of three great Persian poets of the Middle Ages. Saadi admonishes her that art is what really matters to her (you are so settled in my heart that you are the life in my body). Hafiz comforts her that hard days always pass, and a good person achieves their goal (it does not remain so and it will not remain). Rumi, on the other hand, teaches her to follow her dreams and do good.

Azadeh's works reflect her restless inner world, and the difficult situation she finds herself in as a person who has had to leave her home and find her own place elsewhere. Her works give her hope for a better world and show that the way there exists and is feasible.

You can see more about Azadeh, her thinking and her work in the video.


May 2022

Maja Živko is a student at the Academy of Fine arts in Sarajevo, department of Printmaking. The theme she has been researching in all fields of art are feelings that are projected through various living spaces. In all her expressions of art she aims for honesty because for her that is the most important aspect in art.


April 2022

The artist, who knows the challenges of moving from her own experience, is working on the topic of home, during her residency as part of the In from the Margins project. See more about her creation in the video below.



Information: Lili Šturm, Museum Counsellor, Head of the Project,

Results of the call for submissions for an artist residency within the framework of the EU project In from the Margins 

As part of the project, the International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC) has announced six residencies, whose submission deadline was 19 November 2021. Nineteen applications were received, all of which were submitted on time and in full. Based on the listed criteria, the committee (Božidar Zrinski, Svetlana Jakimovska Rodić, Lili Šturm), together with all project partners, selected the following artists for the residencies:
Qëndresë Deda
Francisco Tomsich
Maja Živko
Lina Rica
Azad Karim
Azadeh Hashemzadeh

More: Results of the call and justification.


Art Residency Opportunity for Migrant and Refugee Artists or Artists who identify with experience of displacement 

at Printmaking Studios Across Europe

Five printmaking studios across Europe are inviting applications from artists to undertake a 1-month long printmaking residency as part of the European residency programme In from the Margins, funded by Creative Europe. 

30 artists will be selected in total, will have the opportunity to work in a print medium of their choice and will be supported to develop their practice practically and professionally. Throughout the residency programme we will be welcoming local, refugee and migrant communities in the studios to engage with resident artists, to share their own stories and create new work which will be shared between our project members and the wider visual arts community in Europe. The programme will culminate in a group exhibition at Edinburgh Printmakers in spring 2023.    

In from the Margins is a collaboration between:
Edinburgh Printmakers, Scotland   
Cork Printmakers, Ireland    
Funen Printmaking Studio, Odense, Denmark    
International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia    
AGA Lab, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Artists are invited to apply for the residency opportunity available within their host country. Call details for each of the studios can be found on their website.

Deadline for applying: Friday, 19th November 2021

Funded by Creative Europe, In from the Margins is a European programme of residencies that provides: supported workspaces for artists from refugee and migrant backgrounds; exchanges of their work; and engagement with refugee, schools and wider communities. Work with refugee and migrant artists is currently largely focused on outreach and engagement programmes of major galleries. The project will bring this work 'in from the margins' to mainstream programming.

In from the Margins will create the first network of Studios of Sanctuary in Europe, offering opportunities for 30 artists from refugee and migrant backgrounds or artists who identify with experience of displacement to take up supported residencies in internationally recognised print studios, taking place as follows: 
9 residencies at Edinburgh Printmakers; 
6 residencies at Cork Printmakers, Funen Printmaking Studio, Odense and International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana; and 
3 residencies at AGA Lab, Amsterdam. 

An engagement programme with refugee, schools and wider communities will be running alongside the residencies. The contribution that refugees and migrant communities make to wider society will be celebrated also through exchanges of their work, exhibitions and multi-disciplinary events. 

In from the Margins seeks to break down barriers and create opportunities for refugee artists and local communities to share and to learn from each other while being supported by the resources and expertise of print studios. Each organisation will work in the language of their own studio and the languages of the resident artists where possible.

The project emerged from discussions between the partners, all print studios with civic aims which are based in multicultural cities on the margins of Europe. Our residency programme will further develop the 'Studios of Sanctuary' model, which originated in Yorkshire in response to the work of migrant artist Mohammed Barrangi, an artist and former paralympian from Iran who became resident artist at The Art House in Wakefield, in a range of contexts across Europe.

Call for Applications at International Centre of Graphic Arts

Application form

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Ana Sluga: Passive Torso, pop-up one-day exhibition

Tuesday, 4 October 2022, from 6 to 10 pm
MGLC Švicarija

With the cycle of one-day events From the Studios, we introduce resident artists working at MGLC Švicarija. Painter, photographer and video artist Ana Sluga presents herself with her latest production of paintings. The series of works on paper entitled Passive Torso explores the medium of painting and the atmosphere built up by the artist and her reactions as the viewer. 


Photo: Ana Sluga Archive.

The exhibition Prints and Impressions 2 has been extended until October 9

5. 7.–9. 10. 2022
MGLC Grad Tivoli

The exhibition is the result of a public call for submissions to Slovenian artists of all generations actively working in the field of fine art printing and printmaking. It serves as a starting point for further research into Slovenian graphic production and its involvement in the contemporary visual art practices.

An international expert jury consisting of Barbora Kundračíková (CZ), Mario Čaušić (HR) and Miloš Đorđević (RS) selected the works of 43 artists from the 114 submissions.


Photo: Nejc Ketiš. MGLC Archive.

Visit the Invader mosaics in Grad Tivoli

Invader is an artist, an individual, a movement, an app, a game and a lifestyle. He is a street art phenomenon and has become a global art star.
You have probably noticed his mosaics around the city of Ljubljana, and some of them are also on the premises of MGLC Grad Tivoli, which are not open to the public. You can see them from Tuesday to Sunday at 2 pm or by appointment (write to us at

Photo: Urška Boljkovac. MGLC Archive.