The Museum Summer Night, held annually on every third Saturday in June, is the largest national promotional campaign by the museums and galleries of Slovenia, joined by a number of other institutions and organizations that carry out programmes in the field of cultural heritage, art, culture and history. The initiator of the campaign, Lili Šturm, senior curator at the International Centre of Graphic Arts, first coordinated the project in 2003, conceiving it as a relaxed way to spend one’s time in meeting the institutions and their subject areas. This well attended event that today brings together some 40 cities, 80 institutions and 200 individual events was coordinated by the International Centre of Graphic Arts under the auspices of the Union of the Museums of Slovenia up till 2012.

Lili Šturm received the Valvasor Honorary Recognition in 2013 for establishing and managing the Museum Summer Nights.

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The Švicarija: Community, Art and Nature Project

Sunday guided tour of the exhibition
Švicarija: Community, Art and Nature in English and Slovenian, conducted by Matic Ferlan

Sunday, August 26, at 3 pm

The Švicarija: Community, Art and Nature project, by which the Švicarija Creative Centre is being introduced into the cultural life of the capital, derives from three basic elements that have marked the history of the building: community, art and nature. The project consists of an exhibition and supplementary exhibition programme inspired by the building that actualises the history of Švicarija, in such a way providing the guidelines for its activities in the future.

The multifaceted exhibition consists of four sections: HistoryThe Stojan Batič Memorial StudioArchitecture and Art. The exhibition takes us through the history and social life of the building, it presents us with activities of the artists in it and highlights its recent renovation. These sections are connected by the artwork.

Photo: Urška Boljkovac. MGLC Archive.


Creative workshops, animations and guided tours of the building are held for children every Friday. The studio operates free of charge every Friday from May to October, from 10 am to 1 pm. The activities are led by the gallery mentors Petra Derganc, Tina Boc, Petja Kolenko and Katja Kovše.

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MGLC/Švicarija Creative Centre and the Parc Saint Léger Contemporary Art Centre, Nievers, France, are announcing a public call for applications for an artist residency in Pougues-les Eaux in 2019. Visual and/or intermedia artists who come from Slovenia or live and work in Slovenia are invited to apply. The selected artist will attend a three-month artist residency at the Parc Saint Léger Contemporary Art Centre.

The deadline for applications is
17 September 2018!

Candidates are applying for the time frame of 1 September–30 November 2019

Additional information: or
+386 (0)30 708 469.

Click here for full details of the call for applications!

Opening of exhibition: TRUDE JOHANSEN & MARUŠA MEGLIČ

Thursday, 23 August, at 7 pm
(Lectur Room, ground floor)

23. 8.– 8. 9. 2018

In frames of interinstitutional collaboration between Nordic Artists' Centre Dale and MGLC – International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana a common exhibition of the artists, Trude Johansen and Maruša Meglič, who took part in the first residency exchange between Norway and Slovenia, will take place at Lecture Room in the ground floor of MGLC.

The joined exhibition will showcase predominantly new works that were produced as a direct result of temporary relocation and artistic creation in new environment. The latter is therefore central thematic focus of the show which focuses on the idea of displacement and impact of unfamiliar surrounding on the artistic expression. Based on joined constellation and close cooperation, diverse works of both artists – appropriation of found objects and images, printmaking, drawing, artist books textual interventions and installations – will be presented in the Lecture Room in the ground floor of MGLC.

Trude Johansen (1981) is an artist and printmaker whose particular emphasis is on woodcut; however, she uses various creative media such as appropriation of objects and images, art publishing and textual works. She lives and works in Moss, Norway.

Maruša Meglič (1989) is an artist who works across different artistic media. Trained as a painter she developed a distinctive practice based on sculpture and installation as well as on appropriation of objects and materials. She lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia.