09. 08. 2018 - 11. 11. 2018

Riko Debenjak, Retrospective Exhibition

Riko Debenjak established himself as a leadingrepresentative of modernexperimental printmaking, yetthe most prominent aspect of his work is the introduction of colour into all techniques of printmaking. On teh exhibition also displayed alongside his graphic prints are the artist's other works: drawings, paintings and illustrations.

September 2018
12. 09. 2018 - 14. 10. 2018

Alja Košar, Point

Alja Košar embarks upon researching the expressive possibilities of intaglio printmaking with technical expertise, patient preparation and precise implementation. She creates a unique pictorial world of her own through the two distinctively pictorial elements of point and line, upgrading this in her more recent works by using paint. Initially, a considered colour palette appeared only in her drawings, but later this was transferred into printmaking through points and lines. The exhibition presents a selection of fine art prints produced in the last two years as well as some graphic works created in the Print Studios of the International Centre of Graphic Arts specifically for this exhibition.

August 2018
09. 08. 2018 - 09. 09. 2018

Tina Mohorović, The Anonyms

The fine art graphic prints of Tina Mohorović are marked by a persuasive narrative and technical perfection of the impression, which in many ways remind of the old graphic masters, of course with the significant difference that she seeks her contextual starting points in the personal experience of perceiving the present-day environment and the society around her.

April 2018
13. 04. 2018 - 29. 07. 2018

David Lynch: Fire on Stage

In April, we are preparing the first presentation of the American director, screenwriter, photographer, painter, musician and printmaker David Lynch in Slovenia. Lynch gained cult status as a filmmaker, but it is less known that his path to film bypassed painting, which he studied in the 1960s. Later, during the various fertile periods of his career, he dedicated his attention to visual art in greater and lesser extents.

November 2017
30. 11. 2017 - 11. 03. 2018

Boris Jesih, Connections

Boris Jesih (1943) established himself as an artist at the end of the 1960s as part of the expressive figuration circle of painters. Under the influence of pop art, he responded to the features of "advertising" or trendy art with geometric transformations of everyday objects, but later focused predominantly on landscape (following the principles of hyperrealism and conceptualism), on images in pastel colours, and a dashed build up of the image. As a printmaker, he excels in the techniques of relief printing and flat printing, with superior results in colour lithography. The retrospective exhibition featuring the oeuvre of Boris Jesih, which highlights his prints and works on paper, is the first show of this type by the artist. As the recipient of a special prize for a young artist at the 13th International Biennial of Graphic Arts in 1979, he attracted attention with his series of lithographs, a set of which is part of the MGLC collection. Alongside his lithographs, other works by the artist are also presented: drawings, paintings, photographs, which highlight the connections between his creative process and in his works. Some of Jesih's most recent works are also being exhibited for the first time.

Curator: mag. Breda Škrjanec

February 2017
24. 02. 2017 - 28. 05. 2017

Zines! Contemporary zine production

The exhibition of zines continues the series of shows focusing on various examples of contemporary print production. Printed zines have remained in the forefront despite modern information technology. Nowadays they appear with new and original contents, providing artists with a greater degree of independence and speed in creating their works, while retaining a feel for the ephemeral and the personal. The exhibition is conceived as a presentation of current zine art production, its differentiation and networking among artists. The artists in the exhibition are presented in relation to the different contexts from which they stem in their work – from sketch, drawing, print, painting, photograph, video to installation.

Artists: Beli sladoled, freštreš, LEALUDVIK, Leon Zuodar, Marko K. Gavez, Matjaž Wenzel & Rene Maurin, Mina Fina, Nejc Korenič, Nevena Aleksovski, Nez Pez, Simon Kocjančič, Tadej Vaukman, Zoran Pungerčar

June 2018
14. 06. 2018 - 19. 08. 2018

STOP AND GO, The Art of Animated Gifs

A file format native to the Web, in recent years animated GIFs have not only proved to be an Internet culture phenomenon, but also a strong means of expression in the field of contemporary visual art. STOP AND GO – The Art of Animated Gifs is an international group show that explores the creative use of GIFs, presenting a broad and diversified panorama of the different approaches currently adopted by artists all over the world. 

Artists: Bill Domonkos, Zack Dougherty, Roberto Fassone, Carla Gannis, Nika Ham, Lorna Mills, Okkult Motion Pictures, Chiara Passa and James Kerr (Scorpion Dagger)

Curators: Valentina Tanni in Saverio Verini

December 2017
14. 12. 2017 - 07. 01. 2018


Printeresting is a collaborative project founded and organized by Amze Emmons, RL Tillman and Jason Urban in 2008. The goal of Printeresting, which originally existed as an art blog, was to analyse the role of print in contemporary culture, drawing new connections between art, design and current events. The blog aimed to reframe the discourse surrounding the fine art print, by clarifying the many ways in which print is central to contemporary art.

The Copying project in the form of an artists' book, presents 11 artists, who have each developed and created their own view of copying and the copy.