Friday, 27. September

Guided tour with Slavs and Tatars

Given the wealth of knowledge of the contemporary art scene, the Slavs and Tatars artist duo have been transformed into the curator of the 33rd Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts, inviting artists from the territory east of the Berlin and west of the Chinese wall to take part in exhibitions in Ljubljana. Their joint gesture was the power of satire and humour today, which they expressed through various executions of the medium and highlighted subject matters, all of which were interlinked by a distinctly ironic note. The Biennial was seen as a reflection on the graphic as a way of acting in terms of clarity and multiplicity of meaning.

September 2019
Thursday, 26. September

About Unserious Science in Serious Art

About Unserious Science in Serious Art

Round table organised by the Kula Slovenian Ethnological and Anthropological Association

Alenka Pirman, Blaž Bajič, Rajko Muršič and Miha Horvat will join in the discussion.

Saturday, 21. September

Marathon Guided Tour: Exhibitions are visited ON FOOT!

On Saturday, 21 September, for European Mobility Week, we have prepared the themed guided tour Exhibitions are visited ON FOOT!, whilst we also host the Biennial Doors Open Day.

Saturday, 28. September

Drop-in zine workshop with Hamja Ahsan

He will be conducting a drop-in (fan)zine workshop with visitors over the age of 18, which will reflect the message of the Biennial exhibition.

August 2019
07. 08. 2019 - 04. 09. 2019


As part of the Multivision project (, which explores the diversity of identities through multimedia creation, we are organising relaxed morning conversations with interesting dialogue partners to talk about identities, otherness as an experience of social exclusion, and socially engaged creation in response to the social challenges of contemporary society.

06. 08. 2019 - 31. 08. 2019

Tuesday Guided Tours

Every Tuesday in August a guided tour of the galleries in the city centre will be held, starting at 18.30, meeting point at Equrna Gallery.

July 2019
25. 07. 2019 - 02. 08. 2019


The Metabolic Museum-University offers an experimental educational program to all visitors of the 33rd Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts, as well as visitors of participating museums in Ljubljana.

Over seven days, selected exhibitions are transformed into an unusual and ironic clash between a museum, a university and a body. Unique furniture based on a home-camping style provides visitors with the means to sit down, read, write, and take part in lectures, conversations, experiments, and exercises. Special metabolic chairs have their own table, light and mini-beamer enabling participants to spam the hang by projecting their own visuals into the gaps between artworks.

Each of the seven days corresponds to an Organ of the Week and is directed by a Faculty Member of the Metabolic Museum-University. In addition, innovative Stimuli prepared by guest artists and scientists interrupt the daily sessions with creative and intellectual impulses.

June 2019
13. 06. 2019 - 27. 09. 2019

Children’s Studio at Švicarija: Hedgehog draws, prints and rolls about!

Every Friday during the Biennial, 10.00–12.00, Švicarija, Tivoli Park

We carry out relief printing workshops for our youngest group of “hedgehogs” (4–12 years old), tell each other jokes and talk about large-scale exhibitions.