Aleksandra Zalokar, Linocuts

09. 08. 2016 - 25. 09. 2016
Aleksandra Zalokar: Don't Forget to Dance I, 2016, linocut

Aleksandra Zalokar (1985) is a representative of the youngest generation of artists who is intensely devoted to exploring the expressive possibilities of the classical linocut printmaking technique. The exhibition presents linocuts of varying formats in one or several colours as well as enlargements of selected small-format linocuts printed on fabric. Also exhibited are the matrices, which complement the contextual framework of the artist's understanding of printmaking as a process-based exploration of the relationship between the matrix and the print. The matrix is thus not only a vehicle for printing, but can also be viewed as a relief or a picture, whereas her hand-made production comes particularly to the fore with touching, since the relief and depth of each incision can actually be felt.

Linoleum is a material that allows for cuts of varying width and depth, which permits Zalokar to intuitively respond to each notched line. The compositions have been consciously built up using lines and their intersections or points and individual planes. By generating abstract motifs of linear and geometric structures, she explores the dynamic relations between line, point and colour that occur as a result of the permutation of the matrix – the printing of one and the same matrix on the same paper by rotating and changing the colour. By using the matrix in such a way, the play of contrasts between the light and dark surfaces, as well as the layering of similar structures into more or less complicated constructions of the pictorial plane also come to light.

These effects are highlighted by the change of colour or use of transparent colour. The artist highlights the exploration of the print in relation to the matrix by making enlargements in which small prints can be transformed into monumental structures on fabric, or may in the future also take on the form of wall paintings or wallpaper. Turning the matrix in the process of printing also causes the linear geometric compositions to change in some cases into more complex abstract compositions with visual optical effects. In her prints Zalokar emphasizes the process-based nature of printmaking and the equal relationship between the matrix and the print. Through the repeated use of the one and the same matrix, the artist demonstrates that the latter inhabits the knowledge and information, position and possibility, that were in the past frequently tied only to the printed impression.

The exhibition presents a selection of the artist’s latest prints produced in the last two years. The artist also made a series of prints in the MGLC Print Studios.

Curator: Božidar Zrinski

Accompanying Programme to the Exhibition

Linocut workshop with Aleksandra Zalokar
Friday–Sunday, 16–18 September, 10.00–16.00

This more demanding 3-day workshop is intended for artists, connoisseurs and lovers of art. Obligatory booking and information: Lili Šturm,, +386 (0)1 2413 818

Presentation of the exhibition and products from the linocut workshop
Saturday, 24 September, at 12.00

Conducted by the curator of the exhibition Božidar Zrinski and the artist Aleksandra Zalokar.