Alja Košar, Point

12. 09. 2018 - 14. 10. 2018
Alja Košar, Untitled, 2018, aquatint and etching.

Alja Košar (1990) thinks about printmaking in a profound and committed manner, which means that she also embarks on her work with the right amount of spontaneity and freedom as far as the creative aspect is concerned. Alja Košar focuses on abstract compositions where we can observe the building up of the pictorial field through positions and juxtapositions of points in a seemingly organised whole. Here, an order or rule of placement into the space could easily be recognised, yet this is only the first simple association that stems from our recognisable universe of images. The fine art prints are untitled since the abstract compositions would otherwise be provided by a signifier of the space and a clear start to our mental inceptions, something which the artist deliberately avoids. Alja Košar has come to a point in her work that begins to connect into lines and outline new pictorial elements and forms, but this has also brought the viewer to the point of acceptance and reflection upon the unknown world of thoughts and ideas, which is often thrown before the eyes uncompromisingly precisely by artistic creativity.

Curator: Božidar Zrinski

Accompanying programme to the exhibition

Presentation of the exhibition
Presentations of the exhibition as part of the Tuesday public guided tours of the Riko Debenjak exhibition.

Printmaking to the youth!
The programme connects the retrospective exhibition by Riko Debenjak with the concurrent exhibitions by the artists of the younger generation: Tina MohorovićAlja Košar and Matjaž Geder. It is shaped by the students of Art History from the Faculty of Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana.
Guided tour of the exhibition with the curators of the exhibition, Breda Škrjanec and Božidar Zrinski.
Talk with Tina Mohorović, Alja Košar and Matjaž Geder; conducted by the students of art history