Anja Jerčič Jakob: Fragile Balance

03. 12. 2021 - 27. 03. 2022
Field Residues 1, Mixed media on canvas, 175 x 110 cm, 2020–2021.

Painter and pedagogue Anja Jerčič Jakob has been working at the MGLC Švicarija residential and creative centre since 2017. In the exhibition Fragile Balance, she presents herself with two painting cycles, Field Residues (2020–2021) and Weeds (2021).

Since the beginning of her creative practice, the artist has been searching for motifs in nature. She experiences it as a dramatic space in which the balance between humans and flora and fauna is constantly being re-established. At the same time, she sees it as a space of silence and, for people today, often a space of overlooked details. Among the latter are the wild habitats of weeds – that untameable nature, whose symbolic and practical value we are beginning to and need to appreciate in the face of the increasing loss of the natural ecosystem. In this way, the artist critically draws attention to the disturbed relationship between man and nature.

Her observation of nature and her love of detail is manifested in her choice of painting techniques (charcoal, ink, pencil, crayon), with which she draws a realistic picture of nature and at the same time its abstract interpretation. The suggestive power of the image is established by the artist through a painterly gesture and a performative attitude towards the field of painting. The magic of renewal, growth and disappearance of the plant world is transformed into abstract imagery when the canvases are viewed up close, while a view from a distance reveals the forms of the different plant species. The cycle Field Residues builds up an achromatic abstraction through the absence of colour and expressionist brushstrokes, while the wash technique reinforces the impression of printmaking. The cycle Weeds is more colourful, the play of light is more pronounced, and the layering, impasto overlays and dripping technique create the three-dimensionality of space and the visual effect of movement in some places.

The eternal mutability of nature in the works of Anja Jerčič Jakob pauses for a moment, settles into the artist's inner landscape, into which we as viewers are invited. And at least for a moment, together, at a distance and alone, we find a balance with nature.

Curator of the exhibition is Dušan Dovč.


On-line guided tour of the exhibition by Anja Jerčič Jakob