Antoni Tàpies, Prints 1959–1987

23. 02. 2016 - 05. 06. 2016
Installation view of the exhibition at MGLC. Photo: Jakak Babnik.

The graphic work of Antoni Tàpies needs to be understood as an inseparable part of his entire artistic production. The artist repeatedly explained that he used the copper plate in the same way as card or a piece of paper, since he embarked on any work in the same spirit. His interest for art in terms of materials found a wide range of expressive possibilities within printmaking, since he had to subject traditional technical processes to new techniques and materials that had  been unknown in the world of printmaking up till that point.

Antoni Tàpies began making prints on the initiative and following the models of certain publishers. Even though his first prints were created in 1947, he began working in printmaking less sporadically in the late 1950s. In the following years he mainly collaborated with six publishing houses, which were pivotal for his creative printmaking: Sala Gaspar, Barcelona; Erker Galerie, St. Gallen; Maeght y Lelong, París; Edicions Polígrafa, Barcelona; and Galeria Toni Tàpies, Barcelona. The artist's collaboration with each of the publishing houses included work with various printers, whom he encouraged with his ideas to explore new technical solutions.

Tàpies' work is dominated by a series of images and forms that are repeated throughout his entire career. These are often expressed in more or less open series, such as the prints entitled Roig i negre (1985) or the series Variations sur un thème musical from 1987, which was inspired by the theme of Robert Schumann. Tàpies partly conceived of the latter through music to which – free of any descriptive elements – he attributes the greatest purity of expression. From here stems his interest in combining various series of images and personal obsessions with simpler elements, which deliberately leave him up to chance.

Curator: Núria Homs 
Coordinatorsmag. Yasmín Martín Vodopivec in mag. Breda Škrjanec

Expert Programme to Accompany the Exhibition
An expert programme of lectures with established Slovenian art historians, which will explore the influence of Tàpies on Slovenian artists, is being prepared to accompany the exhibition, along with guided tours. Lectures will be delivered by: Jožef Muhovič, Barbara Borčić and dr. Nadja Gnamuš. Guided tour will be given by: mag. Breda Škrjanec.

Educational Laboratory
Part of the gallery space  we have called it The Tàpies Lab  will also be devoted to education and mediation activities aimed at school children, young people and families. Family workshops will be organized every first Sunday of the month.

Curator Núria Homs will take visitors around the exhibition on Wednesday, 24 February, at 11 am.

The public guided tours through the exhibition in English will be on:
Saturday, 26 March, at 4 pm
Saturday, 7 May, at 4 pm
Led by art historian Renske Svetlin.