21. 10. 2020 - 20. 11. 2020
Chair, Lo scrittore. Photo: Egon Kaše. Muzeum Archive.

The exhibition entitled Architecture of Dreams consists of three units that connect the right atrium of the Town Hall with an installation in Tivoli Park and an exhibition by an Italian artist at the International Centre of Graphic Arts.

As part of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Muzeum’s activities, the three-part exhibition project presents the spatial installation Boat in the right atrium of the Town Hall, the exhibits Chair and Book in Tivoli Park, and a piece by guest artist Silvia Mariotti, who is, on the occasion of the Muzeum Institute’s jubilee, presenting herself at the International Centre of Graphic Arts.

Spatial installation
Right Atrium, Ljubljana Town Hall

A massive wooden frame containing water is positioned in the space. Models are arranged on the water surface at regular intervals. Stone fields, marking the places of the performances, create new landscapes of the figures in time and establish different rearrangements of spaces, interspaces and encounters. The referential space for the spatial installation with the models is a visual project of the Muzeum Institute entitled Trilogy Theory Open I.-III., which was carried out in cooperation with the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana and the Kapelica Gallery in 2002–2003.

Spatial installation Boat consists of iconography from the following performances:
Cricket in the Fist, production: Muzeum Ljubljana, co-production: Viba film, Viba Studio, St. Joseph's Church, 1994
Directing and set design: Barbara Novakovič, concept, movement, dance: Barbara Novakovič, Ivan Peternelj, costume design: Ema Kugler, Tanja Lakovnik, light design: Sven Pepeonik
Lo Scrittore, production: Muzeum Ljubljana, co-production: Slovenian National Teatre Drama Ljubljana, 1995
Concept, directing and costume design: Barbara Novakovič, art history consulting: Helena Pivec, set design: Aljoša Kolenc, light design: Miran Šušteršič, performers: Ivan Peternelj, Petra Govc, Mateja Rebolj, Sanja Nešković Peršin, Janja Majzelj, Sandi Pavlin
The Girl and a Double Bass, production: Muzeum Ljubljana, co-production: the Mladinsko Theatre, 1998
Concept, driecting and costume design: Barbara Novakovič, set design: Aljoša Kolenc, light design: Igor Berginc, perofmers: Draga Potočnjak, Neda Rusjan Bric, Damjana Černe, Sanja Nešković Peršin
Paracelsus and Frankenstein, production: Muzeum Ljubljana, co-production: Cankarjev dom, Cultural and  Congress Center, 1999
Concept and directing: Barbara Novakovič, dramaturgy: Tomaž Toporišič, set design: Rok Oman, costume design: Alan Hranitelj, light design: Miro Janežič, performers: Mateja Rebolj, Sanja Nešković Peršin, Petra Govc, Barbara Novakovič
Museum of Letters, production: Muzeum Ljubljana, co-production: Cankarjev dom, Cultural and Congress Center, 2013
Concept and directing: Barbara Novakovič, set design and light design: Uroš Rustja, costume design: Alan Hranitelj, performers: Sanja Nešković Peršin, Petra Govc

The fountain entitled Book and the Chair exhibit will be juxtaposed in Tivoli Park in close proximity of the International Centre of Graphic Arts.

Architecture of Dreams

Tivoli Park - International Centre of Graphic Arts

The fountain was created on the basis of the quotations from the research conducted during the twenty-five-year period of the stage poetics of the Muzeum Institute. The book is the connective element of the performances and installations from the first period of work (Cricket in the Fist, Lo Scrittore, The Girl and the Double Bass, the Library of Letters, The Shirt of St Francis). At the same time, one of Muzeum’s typical areas of interest is the questioning of cultural heritage (2015–2020) by leaning on the literary works of Albert Manguel (A History of Reading, The Library at Night) and Umberto Eco.

The Book fountain is the source of writing or words, that flow across the surface of the pages and create poetic reminiscences of the fount and freshness of thought. The book is directly related to water; water is required in the process of its material creation, in the making of paper, which is in the Western world the basis of the book block, the bearer of thought and notation. The optimal ratio of water and paper is also essential in the constant battle with time: paper is washed in conservation and restoration processes; impurities, stains and decomposing cellulose products are washed off the pages, thus prolonging the life of books. Restoration also plays a decisive role in the event of floods and other accidents, when the existence of books is threatened by destruction (during the flood of the library in Florence in 1966, books were dried on stretched ropes across the city’s streets, book burnings during wartime, earthquakes).

Tivoli Park - International Centre of Graphic Arts

Chair is a resized stage element from the performance Lo Scrittore, which draws on the theme of the medieval gestures embedded in the reverie of a scribe. The script unfolds into the micro and macro worlds of painting initials and writing texts. The scribe’s chair is made of wood and lined with book pages made out of concrete. The exhibit has been redefined within the context of the exhibition to cross the sign code between an object intended for sitting and a book – the object/medium of reading.

Silvia Mariotti: Not at first glance

Curated by Aurora Fonda, A plus A Gallery, Venice
International Centre of Graphic Arts

The exhibition is made up of scenographic settings inspired by nature and the worlds connected to it. Reality and fiction intertwine to give space to a reinterpretation of the places of our imagination, so real landscapes and elsewhere seek connections with history or simply delude us that they exist.

The path that is created therefore starts from a connection with the real world through the Aria buia, which describe abstract and green blankets but at the same time conceal the tragic events of men of the past in their twilight cloak. The archaic attraction for nature thus pushes my interest towards a metaphorical journey that moves from tangible reality to the imaginative level, to the point of creating a non-existent landscape on the edge of reality: Boutade.

This new imaginary comes to life with the Night Volumes series, through a synthesis of shapes and colors in dark tones and then merging into the essential abstraction of Gauzy green, where reverberations and transparencies are confused with signs of light almost to simulate a trace imprinted on our retina.


Architecture of Dreams
Muzeum – 25 Years

Boat, Book, Chair

Concept: Barbara Novakovič

Authors: Barbara Novakovič, Meta Kojc
Models made by Barbara Novakovič, Meta Kojc, Uroš Rustja, Boris Račič s.p.
Sculpture consulting: Meta Kastelic
Photography and graphic design: Mojca Gorjan
Pedestal made by Acrytech Pečenko
Technical support and production of stage elements: Miha Zupan

Barbara Novakovič (1963) is a stage director, producer and curator, and the Muzeum Institute Ljubljana founder and director. She studied Art History and Sociology of Culture at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, and enrolled at the Ljubljana Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television where she graduated in Stage Acting in 1993. In the same year she founded the Muzeum Theatre, and decided to work as a free-lance author and producer. She conceived and directed a number of stage performances, and also curated a few innovative international exhibitions. She was a producer of a number of first stage projects by authors stemming from other fields of creation (architecture, visual arts, dance, film, theory). In her projects she occasionally appears also as a performer or a stage set designer.

Meta Kojc (1983, Slovenj Gradec) graduated in 2007 from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Department of Conservation and Restoration, at the University of Ljubljana. She has been working at the National and University Library since 2007. She received further education on paper conservation, history of the book and bookbinding at Institut für Papierrestaurierung in Vienna and at courses held by Professor Nicholas Pickwoad and Christopher Clarkson. In 2011 she attended classes held by Prof. Logar at the Department of Graphics at AFAD. Meta is working in the field of book and paper conservation. She conducts workshops for various bookbinding techniques and designs. In the field of contemporary performing and visual arts, she has worked with Maja Smrekar, Barbara Novakovič, Nataša Berce and Dragan Živadinov.