Colin Black: Triangulation

07. 06. 2022 - 10. 07. 2022

7. 6.–10. 7. 2022
MGLC Švicarija 

With his new artwork Triangulation, Colin Black explores the sonic trigonometries of acoustic ecology, which challenges our classical notions of angles and distances between selected cities. The sound work and installation are based on the laws of trigonometry – at the level of sound, landscape and maps – to show the instability and fragility of this seemingly static geospatial relationship.

From the sounds of the Arctic Circle to the desert and many other acoustic ecologies found between these trigonometric points, the artist's aim is to create a new geospatial piece that explores the re-contextualisation of space and places that are not stable but are in constant flux and should be regularly re-analysed and re-articulated.

The method of working with trigonometry aims to transform the concept of isolated local ecology to re-conceptualise the local as a dynamic, integral element that is intimately connected to other global environments. Sonic trigonometry is combined with acoustic site recordings that gradually and subtly reveal human activities and interventions in these spaces. The artistic research aims to represent the ubiquity of the Anthropocene through the changing perspectives of different acoustic ecologies.

Opening: Tuesday, 7. 6., at 20.00 in MGLC Švicarija.



Artist and Composer: Colin Black
Curators: Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman
Production: Cona for Steklenik Gallery, 2022