18. 05. 2021
Installation view of the exhibition Prints on Paper. Photo: Urška Boljkovac. MGLC Archive.

International Centre of Graphic Arts invite you to view and join in the following exhibitions and events!

Invader, Prints on Paper
The exhibition is on view at Tivoli Mansion.

The anonymous French artist named Invader is a phenomenon in the field of street art and has become a global art star over the last twenty years. His basic medium of expression is the urban street mosaic, later he started working in printmaking as well. In Ljubljana, he presents himself with a survey exhibition of prints, but his maps (guides to the invasions) and films are also on view.

We have also prepared an online video guide to the exhibition, which is adapted for the deaf and hard of hearing.


Guided tour of the exhibition: Prints on Paper, conducted by Mitja Velikonja, PhD
To take part in the guided tour, bookings must be made at:

Mitja Velikonja, PhD is a professor in the Department of Cultural Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, a researcher of political ideologies, subcultures, the collective memory of post-socialist nostalgia and a collector of graffiti.

Sonja Vulpes, Limbo
The exhibition is on view at Tivoli Mansion.

Sonja Vulpes is a printmaker and artist of the younger generation, who completed her studies in Art Pedagogy at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana. She works in fine art printmaking, drawing, zines and tattoos. She presents herself at MGLC with an exhibition, which she entitled Limbo. She chose this unusual word to try and describe the visual and mental expression of the "clownish" self-portraits in the exhibition. The works are large-scale prints made using the techniques of collagraphy and screen printing. The exhibition speaks honestly about the precarious states of the individual in today's society, about one's hardships and doubts.


We have prepared a short film about the artist's creative process.

The Stojan Batič Memorial Studio
Permanent display at Švicarija

The Stojan Batič Memorial Studio (1925–2015) is on view on the ground floor of Švicarija. It is dedicated to the sculptor, who also worked in Švicarija for several years. The artist's memorial studio is a reconstruction in his memory. It is almost completely furnished with original objects, tools, furniture, sculptures of the artist and their drafts, as well as with the artworks of his friends, famous Slovenian artists.


Brane Zorman: The Spirit of the Trees | Touch
In front of Švicarija

The live FM sound event speculates on the sound component of tree life and questions how each part of the plant intertwines with the colony of organisms and the forest community. The author Brane Zorman will present a composition with recorded and processed sounds of trees, which are created both within the organism itself and when touched by humans and the environment. Visitors to the sound event will listen to a dramatic musical fable, charged with natural and amplified sounds that energetically merge and intertwine.

Please, reserve your place:

The event is a partnership project of Cona, Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing and MGLC Švicarija.


We also encourage visitors to visit individually. We recommend the following guides, which are available free of charge at the Info Point in Tivoli Mansion and Švicarija:

Art in Tivoli Park: The Secret Life of Sculptures
A guide that reveals the sculptural image of Tivoli. Visitors can experience the sculptures in their own personal way.

MGLC Švicarija: A Guide for Children and Families
Švicarija is guarded by three mice: C(ommunity), A(rt) and N(ature). They show off the house and ask the children to help them with some special tasks.

Let's Explore MGLC: A Guide for Children, Schoolchildren, Families and Educators
Would you like to meet Squirlion, our master caretaker, and learn more about what goes on at MGLC? The illustrated guide presents the activities of the institution and the world of printmaking with the help of the animal mascot.
Squirlion invites you to Tivoli Park, his white mansion and Švicarija, so he can show you the world of printmaking and everything else that we do here.