Kitch'n Megazine

29. 04. 2020 - 18. 05. 2020

All creatives, artists and other enthusiasts in isolation – let’s get together and cook something up!

We are inviting you to team up with us to create a collective document of the time and the unexpected situation that has shocked and shaken the world over. We want you to take part in the making of a Megazine, which will bring together all participating art contributions in one publication. Get a piece of paper ready and use the power of the recipe that you have been keeping under wraps for so long – paint, write, glue, cut, roll, rub off, fix the texture … and don’t forget that special spice that dots the i’s and crosses the t’s.

We are convinced that you have all the ingredients at the ready to wage a fruitful battle against these challenging circumstances in which we find ourselves coping with the current situation (read: isolation). Yet debilitating living conditions have never been a hindrance to creativity. Tin foil, a kitchen roller or spoon, potatoes, old newspapers and used food packaging can be a never-ending source of inspiration and a boundless source of creativity. And just like that, your kitchen has become your art studio.

Even though being creative and staying at home seem to be mutually exclusive at first take, this is actually the most responsible decision that we can make at this time. Let’s stay at home and devote our time, which suddenly seems to be overly plentiful, to the pleasurable sides of life. As we know, it’s always easier in good company. We have upgraded the popular creative concept of do it yourself to do it together.

What’s a zine?
Zine is a shortened form of the word fanzine, which has gained popularity over the last decade. Fanzine is a neologism, formed from the word fan and magazine. Hence zines are booklets, most often self-published DIY publications, produced in small editions and with low production costs. Independence, affordability and lack of profitability, networking and communication, are the overriding values that have always been, and continue to be, close to the hearts of artists.

In fact, it seems that these values are even more alive today than ever.

How can I take part?
You can submit your ideas as an A4 document in a pdf or jpg format by sending them to: File size should not exceed 4 MB. Please add your full name and postal address. The contributed works will be printed and compiled into a black and white booklet version. They will be bound into as many copies as the contributions sent in. Every single participant will receive their own copy of the zine to keep as a kind of memory of these events, which are historical in many respects. And, when the situation reverts to normal, we invite all participants to attend one of our upcoming exhibitions with free admission for two people.

Megazine will be exhibited at Tivoli Mansion whereas two copies of the booklet will be kept in the MGLC Archive. Some contributed works will be selected and sent into the world sooner through posts on the MGLC website and social networks.

The submission deadline remains open until revoked.

Until we meet again!