Marko Šajn: Mutual Compromise

10. 03. 2023 - 16. 04. 2023

10. 3.–16. 4. 2023
MGLC Grad Tivoli

Opening: Friday, 10 March 2023, at 1 pm, at the International Centre of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana.

The exhibition Mutual Compromise presents the latest series of prints in silkscreen and riso-printing techniques, as well as a metal object as a special feature of the exhibition. Marko Šajn's prints are characterised by a clear concept and perfect execution, a humorous, funny, fast-paced, witty and playful artistic expression with many references to art history, classical painting, popular printmaking, urban culture, graffiti and street art. He focuses on the motifs of human bodies that form diverse pictorial compositions through movements and different positions. We can observe handshakes, hugs, pushing and shoving, tripping, gestures of help, tiredness of bodies, surprises, marching, provocation, balancing and much more, which can be represented by human figures without facial expressions and gestures, but rhythmically and harmoniously.

Curator of the exhibition: Božidar Zrinski