Nascent (Paul Seidler and Max Hampshire): Temporal Secessionism, project presentation, followed by the Marathon guided tour

21. 11. 2021
Photo: Klemen Ilovar. MGLC Archive.

Sunday, 21 November, 11.00
TR3 Gallery

The Biennale will conclude on 21 November with the presentation of the artist duo Nascent and their project Temporal Secessionism, which deals with an alternative infrastructure that aims to catalyse different experiences of time in their local area. Their presentation will be followed by the final marathon guided tour of ISKRA DELTA: The 34th Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts with its assistant curator Lara Mejač. 
The guided tour will proceed as follows: TR3 Gallery, Tivoli Mansion, MGLC Švicarija.