Nataša Berk 1st Unlimited Edition

02. 04. 2019 - 19. 05. 2019
Photo: Nataša Berk.

The spatial intervention by Nataša Berk and the group of artists at Švicarija presents their diverse visual production, which usually takes place in the virtual space of the world wide web and the social networks. On this occasion, it has moved into a physical space. Together, they explore the phenomenology of the image within public circulation and its impact on the perception of reality. In ironic ways, they address the norms of the advertising industry, the tendencies of the mass media, voyeurism and the social convention of the individual’s appearance. Thus, works devoted to the consideration of the nature of the image in everyday life are presented as part of the exhibition. In such a way, photographs, videos and collages open up the questions of understanding visual culture in an era when the public space has become saturated with contents and images, questions about the manipulation of the image and the ambivalence of its meanings.   

Nataša Berk graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and has been creating and presenting multimedia and interdisciplinary works, projects and actions ranging from performance, appropriation of identities and situations, photography, video, drawing and visual poetry regularly since 2003. She lives and works in Maribor.

Curator of the exhibition is Miha Colner.