Nora Turato, eto ti na

11. 09. 2020 - 08. 11. 2020
Nora Turato standing on a pile of pools 4. Courtesy Nora Turato.

eto ti na is the first Slovenian presentation by the Amsterdam-based artist Nora Turato. The title is a Croatian catchphrase – a frequently used standard saying without any special meaning – that sums up Turato’s specific attitude towards language. Her performances, books, murals, posters and videos ruminate on the sentences torn from different contexts, fusing them into eclectic pastiches. The linguistic fragments taken from popular and high culture, advertising and science, have more sound to them than meaning, they vibrate in Nora’s loud performative executions, colourful murals and the energetic typographies of her spatial layouts without any nostalgia over their lost context. The experience of Nora Turato’s exhibition and performance therefore comes close to consuming language in the digital age: the immersion in a multitude of stimuli that concern us more than they address us.

Curator of exhibition is Vladimir Vidmar.