Pixels: From High Technology to Street Art, Retro gaming event

21. 05. 2021 - 06. 06. 2021
Invader: Hello my game is (2009, silk screen). Photo: Jaka Babnik. MGLC Archive.

Lecture, conducted by Borut Kumperščak, Computer History Museum

Pixels have been one of the most visible harbingers of the rise of digital technology over the past 50 years. Their beginnings can be found in academic and commercial experiments, at a crucial moment they displaced competing vector technology with their colourfulness and dynamics, and today we no longer perceive them with the naked eye, even though (or perhaps because) millions of them are constantly shining in our eyes. With memories of romantic times when computers seemed manageable, we will move from technological discourse to content discourse, where pixels are now revered as a metaphorical tool for understanding complex concepts and as a tool of critical expression.

In case of bad weather, the lecture will take place in the MGLC Gallery, in accordance with the measures currently in place.

The exhibition Invader, Prints on Paper is on view until 8 pm that day.

The Computer History Museum at MGLC

Tuesday–Sunday, 1–6 June, 10.00–18.00, Tivoli Mansion, Lecture Hall, free of charge

During the lecture, we will also open an exhibition that will provide a retro gaming experience using the exhibits of the Computer History Museum. Here we can get up close and personal with the games of our and your youth, and explore the pixelated aesthetics of gaming stories from the pivotal time when the digital was not yet all-encompassing.

Borut Kumperščak is a creator, creative engineer and entrepreneur in the field of computer graphics, interactive experiences, virtual and augmented reality as well as advanced sensors for health and environment.

The Computer History Museum, with its rich collection and related programmes, enables the general public to understand the high level of computerisation of the society in which we liveand encourages individuals to become its co-creators. More