23. 11. 2018 - 03. 03. 2019
Milton Glaser, Posters, 2018.

The form and work of Milton Glaser (1929–) have been inscribed into the history of graphic design in large letters. His prolific creative oeuvre includes a wealth of original and revolutionary design solutions, from commercials and corporate images, to book and record covers. But more than anything, he is inscribed into history as a master of the poster, many of which he created for theatre performances, art exhibitions as well as concerts. He designed and produced one of his first posters in 1966 to promote the release of the greatest hits collection by Bob Dylan, using a psychedelic motif and expression in the spirit of the time that can be traced back to the historical avant-gardes and the decorative arts of the secession. His recognisable visual language always affords us a view into the principles of drawing and illustration, which has become his trademark. Displayed among the presented works in the exhibition will be the posters and their drafts for Claude Monet’s exhibition in New York, the music tape – the Sony cassette (1979), which was a novelty in its time, the Olympic Games in Sarajevo (1984) and the legendary "I love NY" logo (1977), created during the great  financial crisis in New York with the aim of passing on a positive message and slogan to all the city’s residents as well as visitors.

Milton Glaser designed an entirely new poster for the occasion of the Ljubljana exhibition.

The exhibition presents a set of 35 posters that Glaser has donated to the City of Ljubljana and will remain in the permanent collection of the International Centre of Graphic Arts after the exhibition. 

A special thanks on the occasion of the exhibition goes to Mirko Ilić, who came up with the idea for the donation in 2017, when he was hosted at the Festival of Tolerance as a lecturer and the author of the TOLERANCE exhibition. The show is organised every year by Mini teater and the Ljubljana Jewish Cultural Centre with the support of the City of Ljubljana (MOL).

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