Riko Debenjak, Retrospective Exhibition

09. 08. 2018 - 11. 11. 2018
Riko Debenjak: Magic Dimensions NºC, colour aquatint, 1971.

Riko Debenjak (1908–1987) established himself as a leading representative of contemporary colour experimental printmaking. The beginning of Debenjak's "classical" work in printmaking is marked by the year 1953. This is when several of his Karst Women were produced, he developed his first Beehive Panels print cycle, and his development in printmaking can be observed continuously up to the Magical Dimensions. Riko Debenjak was also an important player in the organisation of the first editions of the International Exhibitions of Graphic Arts and the recipient of the Grand Prix of the Biennial of Graphic Arts on two occasions. The exhibition is dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the artist's birth. Also displayed along with the graphic prints are the artist's other works: drawings, paintings, illustrations and printing plates. The exhibition was produced in cooperation with the Debenjak family, the Kanal ob Soči Riko Debenjak Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art.

Curator: Breda Škrjanec
Installation design: Damijan Kracina

Accompanying and education programme