Stojan Brezočnik, Travellers, 2011–2016

14. 06. 2016 - 31. 07. 2016
Stojan Brezočnik, Travellers, 2011–2016, 2011, drypoint

In 2011, Stojan Brezočnik started planning a graphic series in the dry-point technique entitled Travellers. The prints are distinguished by the technical perfection of the impression and particularly the exploration of the space of the print, in which the depicted human figure appears as a silhouette or a distant mirage of human presence and awareness. The Travellers series is particularly topical in this day and age as it raises questions that have preoccupied Europe for a time now and to which it seeks answers. In the light of the current socio-political situation, Brezočnik's Travellers become an interesting metaphor for understanding the global migration crisis, in which – more than the causes – the personal stories and mythologies, the personal wishes and reasons to travel, come to the fore. The image of the figure on the very edge of the paper emphasises the increasing superficiality of human relations and the depletion of the world. The emptiness that is enveloped by the figure on the other hand, offers the space for reflection and quest for the answers to the fundamental existential questions, which seem to be completely irrelevant in today's fast pace of life and technological development. And it is precisely in the relation of the figure with the emptiness of the graphic print, where it seems that Brezočnik's Travellers are travelling and thinking with a compass and not a map. They know the way and the questions to which they seek answers, therefore they are constantly discovering the "landscape of life" and are open to insights that come as surprises on the way. If we were to travel with a map, we would merely be following and experiencing what has already been inscribed into it. We would be choosing the easiest possible way. What can be perceived in them is a sense of alienation, a mutual separation as well as an existential experience of isolation that can also be applied to the narcissistic nature of contemporary society determined by technology. Yet the open form of the graphic print also indicates the possibility of a collision with other people, the gaining of experience, thus opening up opportunities for a lifelong weaving of interpersonal relationships and life's insights.

Biographical information
Stojan Brezočnik was born in Slovenj Gradec in 1954.
He put on his first solo exhibition while at primary school, which his late teacher and painter Mitja Schöndorfer helped him to organize. He graduated from the Academy of Pedagogy in Maribor in 1979. He works as an art teacher. He has been showing work in group and solo exhibitions at home and abroad since 1968.

An artistic action will be taking place at the opening: Vid Jamnik, vibraphone – a musical interpretation of the works by Stojan Brezočnik

Curator: Božidar Zrinski

Public guided tours 
Saturday, 18 June, 7.30 pm, conducted by curator of exhibition Božidar Zrinski
Tuesday, 12. July, 6 pm, conducted by art historian Marko Košan