The Millennials in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, conversation

26. 10. 2021
Photo: Urška Boljkovac. MGLC Archive.

Looking to the future, which the writers of The Millennial Files seek to understand in terms of Internet cosmopolitanism, they consider past futures, over-identification with pop, current culture wars and new-old world ontologies. At a time when they have nothing to lose, without the technophobia that has long characterised the field of the humanities, they contemplate the open possibilities offered by the new technological revolution from the perspective of Ljubljana's millennials.

Participating: Natalija Majsova, Jernej Kaluža, Tibor Hrs Pandur, Anja Radaljac, Urška Preiss, Robert Kuret

The conversation is led by Muanis Sinanović

Visitors to the conversation will receive a free copy of The Millennial Files.