The Provinces of Ladomir, presentation of the practice and conversation with Marko Peljhan

20. 11. 2021

Saturday, 20 November, 19.00
MGLC Švicarija

Marko Peljhan (1969) founded the art organisation Projekt Atol in 1994 and became co-founder of the Ljubljana New Media Laboratory Ljudmila a year later. He first presented one of his best-known projects, Makrolab, at Documenta in 1997 and at the 50th Venice Biennale in 2003. Since 2008, he has co-directed the Arctic Perspective Initiative with the American-Canadian artist Matthew Biederman, which reflects on the global significance of the geopolitical, natural and cultural dimensions of the Arctic. Peljhan is also dedicated to research and pedagogy at the intersection of art, technology and media at the University of California, UC Santa Barbara, where he holds the title of full professor. In Slovenia, he was one of the initiators for the establishment of the Slovenian Centre of Excellence for Space Sciences and Technologies and started to work actively in space and aeronautics research and culturalisation in 1998. In the radio spectrum, he is known as S54MX.

"But first I will speak of the province of Ladomir. Here, on the Earth-Moon of the island of Krk. People, wrapped in cocoons of survival, sleep. Other people visit them. They speak quietly to each other. A stage appears on the horizon, moving slowly. On it, the sailors of Ladomir steer a spinnaker of thought. Large sails propel it forward, a complex mechanism makes its legs lift and turn. There is no metallic sound. The materials are new and unfamiliar. It has legs and looks like an insect. It has the functionality and energy balance of a bee and the armour of an apocalyptic cockroach. /... / They will connect with satellites, they will roam the planet. They will discover its deep laws. They will be creators from all directions, brought to the platform by different winds. Scientists and artists. They will discover the laws of time. Communication. Electromagnetic flow. Navigation of whales, birds and humans. They will measure and calculate the dynamics of thunder and cells. They will coordinate and understand. The final equation and law. They will sail far away. With incredible speed. And the world will be their stage." (Excerpt from Krk – The First Concept of Makrolab, 1994).

Admission free.

The event will be held in English language.