Watch out! Wet print! #3 Tadej Vaukman: Heaven is a place on Earth

11. 05. 2017 - 05. 06. 2017
Tadej Vaukman Archive.

Tadej Vaukman is a photographer in the right sense of the word. He lives with the camera and for photography. He loves chaos, truth and daily reality. While strolling around town, driving a car or riding a bike, during a concert, in his living room, or when visiting his grandma and grandpa, he always finds time to take pictures of naked reality. He shoots exactly what he sees without any subsequent corrections and unnecessary comments.

The Heaven is a place on Earth series of photographs was created during his visits to his grandma and grandpa, in a house that represents a time capsule full of everyday things to him, which get him excited over and over again, like his grandpa's toilet in the basement, the small living room, or the completion of ski course certificate. These seemingly unrelated photographs are the visual key which unlocks the memories of childhood that he constantly relives and nourishes through conversation and contact with his grandma and grandpa.

Tadej Vaukman (1984) completed primary school after which he began to unsuccessfully attend various high schools that he was fairly quick to leave. He started playing in bands and proceeded to travel across Europe with them. This was when he began to regularly document everything around him and his medium in doing so became photography. He still takes photographs to this day, with his primary interest being the reality and rawness of life, as can be observed in his works. He is currently showing her work in the Zines!, Contemporary Zine Production exhibition at the International Centre of Graphic Arts.