Watch out! Wet print! #4 LEALUDVIK: In the waters on Leviathan; I would go poof!

06. 06. 2017 - 03. 07. 2017
LEALUDVIK: I would go poof! Video still.

In the waters on Leviathan is an alternative version of the project I would go poof! – it only replaces the forest for the sea, and bites harder into occult symbolism. "I would go poof" came the smiling response from Charles Manson to the question posed by the judge about his plans in the event of parole. The assumption of man as a free being is a delusion. We live in fear, endless routine, helplessness. We are trapped in an "open" prison. Freedom is an illusion. Due to all the effort, man's desire for freedom, "parole", exit or at least passage to another state, is becoming all the more common. As a result, most people seek a magic solution—> to disappear without a trace: Poof!

LEALUDVIK are Lea Jelenko and Matjaž Komel. LEALUDVIK mainly make use of images and video sequences in their works, which they often intertwine with illustration and printmaking. They document intimate performances and rituals through video and photography. Their art practice is fed by the explorations of the body, sexuality, occultism, as well as the genre of true crime and horror.

Lea graduated from the Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana, on the Graphic and Interactive Communications course of study. She works actively in the field of video and graphic design, and is the co-creator of the LEALUDVIK project together with her partner. Matjaž graduated in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, on the Visual Communications course of study. In addition to the LEALUDVIK project, he works in graphic design as well as fashion design.