Watch out! Wet print! #8 Nejc Korenič: All My Heroes are Forgotten

05. 10. 2017 - 06. 11. 2017
Nejc Korenič: All My Heroes are Forgotten. Photo: Uroš Rojc.

Nejc Korenič (1987), with his authentic creative style, dedicates his attention to exploring and discovering the cultural history of visual expression and reflection on art, which is intended for spiritual enjoyment, the perception of the world and personal pleasures. He is inspired by ancient cultures, folk tales, stories, legends, customs, preserved or forgotten folklore.

His drawings, graphic prints, zines, illustrations and tattoos are characterized by archaic images with a touch of the mystical power of the ritual and tradition of expressing the state of the human spirit in relation to other living beings and nature, which is why he is particularly passionate about making permanent markings onto human skin. He sees tattooing as the last island of human expression, where the personal wish of the client fuses with the master's dexterity of skill and craft.