WATCH OUT! WET PRINT! #9 Pri Zlatem stegnu (Nataša and Katja Skušek): Unicorns Come and Unicorns Go

07. 11. 2017 - 04. 12. 2017
Pri Zlatem stegnu (Nataša and Katja Skušek): Unicorns Come and Unicorns Go.

Pri Zlatem stegnu, they play about with taste. In fact, they play about with the taste for food and the taste for art. When we see a face splattered with a delicious creamy cake, we first smile, then we become irritated and outraged, but once we have realised that the posters show two fairy-tale figures of unicorns, we become more sympathetic, since we all know that unicorns are fashionable right now. In some places in the world, food shortages have become a cruel reality, whereas in other places, this has grown into a trend. Yet, despite being beautifully presented and considerately served, it may still be tasteless despite its baroque designation. Just like works of art, but when they become fashionable, this is no longer significant. The masters of cuisine say that we also taste food with our eyes, and if you have the ability to judge what is beautiful, harmonious and appropriate, you can find out through reliable taste that what lies in front of you are two delicious portraits and sponge cakes that are appropriately seasoned with a good measure of humour, self-deprecation and criticism of contemporary consumerism and cuisine.

Pri Zlatem stegnu is an art project by Nataša and Katja Skušek (up till 2012, Mladen Stropnik was also part of the group), which has been ongoing since 2004 in various forms, from spatial installations, to video works, objects, photo-collages, fine art graphic prints, drawings and performances. The project brings the questions related to food preparation and eating as the basic human need to the forefront in a humorous and light manner. At the beginning, Pri Zlatem stegnu was devoted mainly to preparing dishes, serving and enjoying food, as well as various customs and rituals related to food. This has been upgraded in the recent artistic actions with the explorations of physical and mental comfort associated with food and eating.