Zines! Contemporary zine production

24. 02. 2017 - 28. 05. 2017

The exhibition of zines continues the series of shows focusing on the various phenomena of contemporary print production. Printed zines have remained present despite modern information technology. Nowadays they appear with new and original contents, providing artists with a greater degree of independence and speed in creating their works, while retaining a feel for the ephemeral and the personal. The exhibition is conceived as a current presentation of zine art production, its differentiation and networking among artists.

The participating artists make their work within the various fields of contemporary art, with zines representing an important approach given that they continue to persist with it, developing and upgrading it. The artists are presented in relation to the different contexts from which they stem in their work – from sketch, drawing, print, painting, photograph, video to installation. They are presenting their production to date through various processes, thus exposing the various aspects of why and how they make and experience zines. Some of the artists are presenting the ways in which zines are read/looked at or by whom, some are highlighting a personal and intimate story, whereas others are focused on the process of making a zine, which is affected by the choice of materials used in the final execution of the idea. In such a way, the exhibition not only offers a flick- and read-through the zines, but explores the diversity, background and possibilities of zines today, through the comprehensively set out installs of the individual artists and artist groups.

Artists: Beli sladoled, freštreš, LEALUDVIK, Leon Zuodar, Marko K. Gavez, Matjaž Wenzel & Rene Maurin, Mina Fina, Nejc Korenič, Nevena Aleksovski, Nez Pez, Simon Kocjančič, Tadej Vaukman, Zoran Pungerčar

Curators: Lara Plavčak, Božidar Zrinski


Zine is an abbreviation for the word fanzine, which is derived from the phrase "fan magazine".  The term fanzine is a coinage, formed from the word "fan" and "magazine". Zines are booklets, most often self-published DIY publications, produced in small editions and with low production costs. They appeared as an essential medium of certain subcultures of the last century, all the way from the fans of science fiction to those of punk. At the onset of modern information technology, zines as a medium experienced a major transformation in their function, workmanship and appearance, even though they remain present as a constantly evolving form of communication.

The art zine is a highly original work of any size and shape, which remains in the book format. It finds its motivation in an aesthetic concept and communication through artistic expression, and is defined as a zine by its author. The attractiveness of a zine remains in its tactility, simplicity and manageability, whereas it also allows for a greater freedom of experimentation and speed of production. The authors of zines use them to express and build their individual and collective identity, which is one of the historical features of (fan)zines. In this, it is precisely the new technologies and means of communication that enable new forms of perception, networking, exchange of ideas and collaboration. The zines of today are also created in the spirit of the do-it-yourself or do-it-with-others principles. The prevailing values remain creativity, independence, non-profitability, networking and communication. Precisely this demonstrates one of the essential features of the contemporary zine  to reach its audience, to make contact with the reader/viewer and to find a new lease of life.



Friday, 24 February, at 12 noon: opening of the exhibition Zines! Contemporary Zine Production and guided tour of the exhibition with the curators, Lara Plavčak and Božidar Zrinski in the company of the participating artists
Wednesday, 22 March, 17:00, public guided tour, conducted by Lara Plavčak, Leon Zuodar and Zoran Pungerčar
Sunday, 9 April, 13.00–18.00: viewing of the exhibition and zine workshop:
Viewing of the exhibition: 13.00–14.00, conducted by Anja Guid, postgraduate student of Art History
Zine workshop: 14.00–18.00, conducted by Nez Pez, exhibiting artist, assisted by Nika Rupnik
Wednesday, 12 April, 17.00–18.00Božidar Zrinski and the intervention by the freštreš collective
Thursday, 20 April, 18.00–19.30lecture by dr. Milko Poštrak on subculture as art, identity and the creativity of young people today
Sunday, 23 April, 10.00–12.00, Cultural Neighbourhood and the Slovene Book Days: Do It with Us: Zine Workshop for Children