"The programme emphasizes the traditional activities of MGLC in the field of non-formal education. Besides it being 
a platform for education and the ability to integrate young people into the workplace, its aim is to establish an intercultural space to develop creativity, an exchange of knowledge and new experience, which does not only enrich the participants, but also the institution."

Yasmin Martin Vodopivec, 
FORMA MGLC Programme Leader and Assistant Director of MGLC


Concha Martínez Peláez
Architect from Cadiz, Spain

After getting my degree in Architecture I have recently started to attend a course on audiovisual communication. The latter is also the reason why the FORMA MGLC programme immediately attracted my attention. I am very much looking forward to these three months and I expect to learn an enormous amount. We are a young dynamic team and I am confident that we can pass a lot of knowledge on to each other.

Natalia Corbillón González
Industrial and graphic designer from Galicia, Spain

I studied Industrial Design and got my degree in Germany at the so-called “Folkwang Hochuschule”. In 2011, I was an intern at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana; ever since then I have been a freelance artist in the graphic design field. When I first read about the FORMA MGLC programme, I was immediately attracted to it since graphic design has a tight connection with marketing and the social media. I am convinced that my “invisible backpack” will gain substance after this experience.

Javier Martin Arjona
Architect from Bilbao, Spain

I studied Architecture in San Sebastian but came to Ljubljana on an Erasmus exchange for a year in between. After graduating, I also finished a course in graphic design in Bilbao. I moved to Slovenia in 2013; I work here as a teacher of Spanish. Now I look forward to the new opportunities within the FORMA MGLC programme, where I would like to pass on my knowledge – and learn as many new things as possible.

Damián Vega Velasco
Printmaker from Langreo, Spain

I work with traditional printmaking techniques and am currently working on several creative projects that combine the more traditional disciplines with new technology. In relation to culture, I am very interested in the new, social media because I am certain that I could also make use of them within my profession. I am convinced that the new media can forge a new path in the promotion of the graphic arts and its many faces.

The coordinators of the programme:

Aleš Ogorevc, Community Management Coordinator
I manage the online community with the notion that social networks and service design can bring about positive changes to both, institutions and their visitors. I see my role of Community Management Coordinator at MGLC as an excellent opportunity to further consolidate and broaden my wide range of experience and knowledge. I believe that much can be done in this field to bring art closer to the public through the new media.

Sabina Vrhnjak, Digital Content Coordinator
A journalist with several years of experience in the field of journalism and PR / Event Organisation. The social media, the digital world and the growing number of new communication tools that foster the game of words, creativity and innovation have always been my passion. The FORMA MGLC programme, which combines my love of culture and the new media, represents a personal and professional challenge to me. The programme strengthens my belief that the new media require a special approach and additional knowledge from all those involved in this field within cultural institutions.

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Prints and Impressions 2

Prints and Impressions 2
5. 7.–2. 10. 2022
MGLC Grad Tivoli

Opening: Tuesday, 5 July, at 7 pm

The exhibition is the result of a public call for submissions to Slovenian artists of all generations actively working in the field of fine art printing and printmaking. It serves as a starting point for further research into Slovenian graphic production and its involvement in the contemporary visual art practices.

An international expert jury consisting of Barbora Kundračíková (CZ), Mario Čaušić (HR) and Miloš Đorđević (RS) selected the works of 43 artists from the 114 submissions.


Summer in Tivoli '22

5.–28. 7. 2022
Grad Tivoli and MGLC Švicarija

For the twelfth year in a row, Tivoli Park and Švicarija will be transformed into the city's largest green and fresh cultural venue this summer. Concerts, film screenings, exhibitions and guided tours, creative workshops - a diverse art programme ensures that summer evenings in nature will be refreshing and unforgettable. 



Lea Culetto: On the Rag

1. 6.–31. 7. 2022
MGLC Švicarija

After the first year of living and working in the studio for young artists at MGLC Švicarija, Lea Culetto presents her works in which she exposes taboos and ideas about the female body and the social validation and stigmatisation associated with it.The project On teh Rag consists of simple white T-shirts with prints of the artist's menstrual stain on the back. The message is also more direct, decoded, revealed – the intimate act of menstruation passes into the public space and discourse with the imprint of menstrual blood on custom-made T-shirts.


Photo: Urška Boljkovac. MGLC Archive.