EDITOR(S) Breda Škrjanec

AUTHOR(S) OF THE TEXT(S) Petja Grafenauer, Nikolai Jeffs, Neven Korda


LANGUAGE(S) Slovene, English

DESCRIPTION The catalogue to the FV, Alternative Scene of the Eighties exhibition shows the life of underground culture and the alternative scene in Ljubljana during the 1980s. The FV 112/15 group was a central part of Ljubljana’s subculture and the heart of the alternative youth movement in the 1980s. The group developed from an amateur theatre group and, in the activities of an alternative club, provided a space for the expression of sexual, social, cultural and artistic difference. The FV group was closely involved with the development of Slovene video art and the emergence of progressive trends in music, as expressed by such legendary groups as Borghesia, Videosex and Laibach among others. The extensive museum material featured in the exhibition was donated to the MGLC collection by one of the main FV members, Neven Korda. The exhibition was curated by Breda Škrjanec. The catalogue received the 2009 Brumen Award for the best work in the category of Catalogues and Monographs; designed by Robert Žvokelj.

ISBN 978-961-6229-26-5

Petja Grafenauer, Nikolai Jeffs, Neven Korda FV, Alternative Scene of the Eighties


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