Dalija Sega – designer of unique jewellry

Her approach to designing conteporary jewellery is based on her experiences as a sculptor. Every piece is a unique miniature sculpture made out of sterling silver or gold. Her inspiration comes from nature and she aims to accentuate its beauty which is so often hidden from us. Her work is organic, at times a bit rough, but its true beauty lies in the details. The owner or viewer is therefore forced to approach the work with interest and closeness, since this allows him or her to discover new stories in the work itself. All of her jewellery is also a personal story and is intended for anyone who is willing to listen.

The present jewellery was made in connection with MGLC, its activities and print studios, the printing of graphic works, which touch Dalija Sega as a source of inspiration depicted in another material.

Dalija Sega Ring Leaf


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