With the first comprehensive exhibition project Švicarija: Community, Art and Nature, MGLC Švicarija has outlined the content guidelines that connect art and culture with current social questions, ecology, environmental issues and the community of people in solidarity. We are becoming a model of an inclusive and multidisciplinary institution that also intervenes in the public space and the environment of Tivoli Park. Our engagement is socially critical, capable of reflection on the phenomena of the present time as well as self-reflection on our own actions.


Etceteral concert. Ment Festival, June 11, 2021. Photo: Aleš Rosa. Archive Ment.


Yearly Programmes and Projects

- Evening with Manca Košir, Stories of Books and People (every Sunday, October–May)

- Summer in Tivoli, Thursday concerts and Sunday film evenings in July, 2021 programme booklet

- Day of the MGLC Švicarija Creative and Residency Centre

- I Am Not Alone, workshops and participatory events (Oloop Group in collaboration with MGLC in co-creation with immigrant women)

- The Old Continent, community intergenerational programme

- Workshops for children and other cultural education programmes



- Prešeren Day, the Slovenian Cultural Holiday, guided tours (8. 2. 2022)
- Adrijan Praznik: --WHERE OUR HEARTS HAVE LED US…, exhibition at the end of a two-year residence for young artists (7. 1.–13. 2. 2022)
- Anja Jerčič: Fragile Balance, exhibition (3. 12.–27. 3. 2022)




- Silvester Plotajs Sicoe: Punk Cubism, exhibition and open studio (16.–26. 12. 2021)

- Maja Megla: Talks about visual arts, conversation with Bojana Leskovar and book presentation (14. 12. 2021)

- Evening with Manca Košir: guests Sonja Klopčič, Filip Dobranič (12. 12. 2021)

Final week of the 34th Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts: conference Being a Citizen of the World Today?, YUFU Conference, ISKRA DELTA talks, Announcement of the Awards, screening of the film Shy Radicals (18. and 19. 11. 2021)

- Presentation of the artists of the 34th Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts: Giorgi Gago Gagoshidze (15. 11. 2021), Lawrence Lek, Marko Peljhan (20. 11. 2021)

- Evening with Manca Košir: guests Žiga Čamernik, Urška Lunder (14. 11. 2021)

The Millennials in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, conversation, 34th Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts (26. 10. 2021)

I am not alone, exhibition (20. 10.–5. 11. 2021)

- Conservator-Restorers’ Society of Slovenia, conference (21. 9. 2021)

Open House Slovenia, festival, guided tour (19. 9. 2021)

- Tatiana Kocmur: 1,5, performance (31. 8. 2021)

Grounded Festival (18.–20. 8. 2021)

Summer in Tivoli ’21 – Thursday concerts: Miha Kralj (1. 7. 2021), Regen (8. 7. 2021), Tschimy (15. 7. 2021), Shekuza (22. 7. 2021), Etceteral (29. 7. 2021)

Summer in Tivoli ’21 – Films in the Woods: Summer Animateka (18. 7. 2021), Fekk from the Future, AGRFT Film Pulse (25. 7. 2021)

- Slovenia on Postcards, lecture od Association for support 3ŽO (23. 6. 2021)


- Danilo Milovanović: Direct Effects, pop-up presentation of pictorial reinterpretations of public actions and the end of the residency (19. 6.–15. 8. 2021)

- Maja Megla: I Can Be What I Am, conversation (cooperation, 22. 6. 2021)

- Spider 2021, screening of films by Ema Kugler (festival partnership with the Pekinpah Society, 16. 6. 2021), Sonja Pregrad, all-night performance Utopia of Extended Now and Here, 18. 6. 2021)

- Ment 2021, five concert evenings (festival partnership with Kino Šiška, 7.–11. 6. 2021)

- Workshop on residencies (co-production with the Motovila Institute, 1. 6. 2021)

- Brane Zorman: The Tree Spirits | Touch, FM, sound event (cooperation with the Cona Institute, 18. 5., 3. 6. 2021)


- Agnes Momirski: siXren (Verbum Medicinae), music performance and ambient video installation (21. 2.–2. 8. 2020)

- Films in the Woods, screenings (every Sunday, 26. 7.–16. 8. 2020)

- Tanja Devetak and Eduard Čehovin: Bauhaus on a Visit, exhibition (13. 8.–13. 9. 2020)


- Nataša Berk, 1st Unlimited Edition, spatial intervention (2. 4.–19. 5. 2019)

- The 33rd Biennial of Graphic Arts Ljubljana, Crack Up – Crack Down (7. 6.–29. 9. 2019)

- PLATEAURESIDUE: Sub Persona, exhibition (25. 10. 2019–9. 2. 2020)

- Robertina Šebjanič & Gjino Šutić: Aqua_forensic, lecture (28. 2. 2019)


- Švicarija: Community, Art and Nature, exhibition project (8. 2. 2018–6. 1. 2019)

- The White Chrysanthemum or the Artist in Motion, workshops for children

- Voices of Tivoli, storytelling about Švicarija (19. 5. 2018)

- Marathon of Lectures on the Architectural History, Life in Švicarija and Its Renovation (21. and 22. 9. 2018)

- Thinking Tivoli – Challenges of Holistic Urban Park Management, discussion (12. 10. 2018)

- Ni amos!, experimental laboratory of performance, happening and popular culture (public presentation on 17. 11. 2018)


- The 32nd Biennial of Graphic Arts Ljubljana: Birth as Criterion (16.–29. 10. 2017)


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A pop-up exhibition presentation of the production at the end of the Prague & Ljubljana international residency.

Wednesday, 3 August 2022, at 5 pm
MGLC Grad Tivoli, Print Studio
free entry

In 2022, International Centre of Graphic Arts and the international residency center MeetFactory from Prague started a long-term collaboration of resident artist exchanges. After a two-month residency (June–July), Timur Aloev presents works created in the MGLC Print Studio.

Each residency will host an artist for two months and give them the opportunity to create new works. The first artist to visit Ljubljana was Timur Aloev (1990), a Russian-Czech illustrator and painter who lives and works in Prague. He also works in drawing and ceramics. His work has its origins in Slavic mythology, heroic stories, legends and fairy tales. The narrative character of his artworks also stems from the artist's primary interest in book illustration and comics, whereas pictorially he combines elements of Romanticism, Renaissance landscapes, Art Nouveau décor, Japanese anime and kitsch. During his two-month residency, he explored printmaking techniques in the MGLC Print studio and will present his working process and new prints at the culmination of his residency.

Timur Aloev: Still Life with Peony and Eggs, 2022, collage.

Prints and Impressions 2

5. 7.–2. 10. 2022
MGLC Grad Tivoli

The exhibition is the result of a public call for submissions to Slovenian artists of all generations actively working in the field of fine art printing and printmaking. It serves as a starting point for further research into Slovenian graphic production and its involvement in the contemporary visual art practices.

An international expert jury consisting of Barbora Kundračíková (CZ), Mario Čaušić (HR) and Miloš Đorđević (RS) selected the works of 43 artists from the 114 submissions.


Contemporary Equals Fresh

26. 7.–27. 8. 2022

A travelling exhibition of contemporary Slovenian printmaking is currently on display at the International Art Studio "Radovan Trnavac Mića" in Valjevo.

The exhibition presents the following artists Vesna Drnovšek, Miha Erič, Črtomir Frelih, Matjaž Geder, Nataša Mirtič, Svetlana Jakimovska - Rodić, Oliver Pilić, Zora Stančič, Helena Tahir and Sonja Vulpes, as selected by mag. Breda Škrjanec.