The Tivoli Forum: The Green Heart of the City

Summer exhibitions and events at MGLC celebrating Ljubljana – European Green Capital 2016


Selfie Postcard on the Tivoli Balcony
The little balcony on the façade of Tivoli Mansion offers a unique view of Ljubljana Castle and the panorama of the city. Visit the exhibition, take a step onto the balcony, choose a heart-frame, and make yourself a green selfie!

The Tivoli Monument
A statue of Marshal Radetzky stood on the monument base in the courtyard of Tivoli Mansion until 1917.
The base is being revived with art projects in collaboration with the Fourklor contemporary dance group. Conducted by Fourklor; choreography by Branko Potočan; performed by Tajda Podobnik and Katarina Krapež.
While one dancer  personifies the tree as a living statue on the base and hence the fusion between the urban and the natural world, the second dancer takes on the role of Juliet, who wants to live out her love by climbing to the balcony to reach her desire and attain catharsis (over and over again).

On view:
Saturday, 18 June, 20.45–21.15
Tuesday, 5 July, 19.30–20.00
Tuesday, 26 July, 19.30–20.00

Lighting Guerrilla 2016 in TivoliOn view until 3 July

The products of the Lighting Laboratory and the installation of light will be on view at Tivoli Park and on the façade of MGLC: Marko Kovačič: Hybaria; Tilen Sepič: Light Oscillator; as well as products make in the workshops for children and young people: Parasite, The Sun as Light Capital and Fantastic Vegetation.

Summer Museum Night
Saturday, 18 June, 18.00–24.00:, free entrance
18.00−19.00: Presentation of the products made in the Saturday Workshop – Circus in the Park, conducted by the Recyclers group
19.00–19.30: Guided tour of the Travellers, 2011–2016 exhibition by Stojan Brezočnik, conducted by the curator of the exhibition, Božidar Zrinski.
19.30–20.30: Guided tour of the retrospective exhibition of Karel Zelenko, conducted by the curator of the exhibition, mag. Breda Škrjanec.
20.30–21.30: Dance performance on the Tivoli balcony and on the base of the monument. Conducted by Fourklor; choreography by Branko Potočan; performed by Tajda Podobnik and Katarina Krapež.
21.30: Lighting Guerrilla 2016: Presentation of the products made in the workshops The Sun is the Ultimate Capital (mentor: Špela Petrič) and Fantastic Vegetation (mentor: Katja Paternoster).

AngartFilm at MGLC: Environmental issue, round table and film night
Wednesday, 22 June 2016, at 6 pm
How to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and stop global warming as a result? Do we need to radically change our habits and the structure of society and the economy if we want to halt the looming ecological and climate crisis of extreme proportions?

The event will address the impending threat of climate change as well as other environmental problems that we are facing in the global world: the proliferation of toxic substances in the environment, destruction of land for the purpose of agricultural activities, deforestation, fracking, etc.

In addition to the members of the Angart collective, philosopher and environmental analyst, and teaching assistant at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, Luka Omladič, PhD, and student and member of the Iskra student organization, Izidor Ostan Ožbolt, will take part in the round table.
The short film No Fracking Way! Frack Off!, produced by the Angart Institute, will also be screened.

AngartFilm is an open platform for engaged social, cultural and artistic practices. It explores contemporary social issues through the critical analysis of the performative, musical, visual and intermedia arts. 

Summer at MGLC
Every Tuesday in July, 18.00–21.00

18.00–19.30: Workshops of artistic recycling; conducted by Anja Guid, Nika Rupnik and Jasna Zabel:

5 July: Leaving Traces, printing with the body
12 July: Rolling Bottles, monotype with bottles
19 July: Auto-Mobiles, from the auto to the mobile
26 July: Colour Spray, Pictures from packaging for detergents and colour substances

Saturday Workshops
Saturday workshops are a joint programme by RogLab, MGLC, Stripburger, Rampa Laboratorij and Zavod Trajekt. Children and families are invited to join us in Tivoli Park to take part in creative pursuits and visual games. Conducted by the small Recyclers group.
14 May, 11.00–15.00: Soil and Waste
18 June, 14.00–18.00: Circus in the Park
24 September, 11.00–15.00: Art, Maths and the Park

Workshop of Handmade Papermaking from Japanese Knotweed
Thursday, 7 July, 17.30–20.00
Japanese knotweed is one of the hundred most invasive plants in the world, increasingly spreading also in the local environment. Let us learn to identify and remove this invasive plant species, let us get to know the ways of using it as well as the basics of hand-made papermaking from the pulp of the Japanese knotweed. The workshop is conducted by the Re-generacija collective and is suitable for all ages as well as families. Advance bookings taken up till the available quota (maximum 25 participants) at

20.00–21.00; Concerts:

5 July: Didiwa, ethno rock 
12 July: Wild Strings Trio, ethno, Balkan
19 JulyAmbrosia, jazz, blues
26 July: Narcis in Eho, gypsy, ragtime, swing

5 and 26 July, 19.30–20.00:
Dance performance on the Tivoli balcony and on the base of the monument. Conducted by Fourklor; choreography by Branko Potočan; performed by Tajda Podobnik and Katarina Krapež.

Independent Biennial VS Zelenko, opening of the accompanying exhibition to the retrospective exhibition of Karel Zelenko, 19 July 19.00

Shelter for Discarded Plants: Autumn Temporary Refuge at MGLC in Tivoli
Opening and presentation: Thursday, 22 September, 19.00
Shelter for Discarded Plants is an art project by two young artists, Anamari Hrup and Eva Jera Hanžek. The work of the Shelter involves bringing the potted plants discarded by people in urban areas to be taken care of in the gallery space, where visitors can also visit and adopt them.

Concluding plant auction: Thursday, 20 October, 18.00

Summer Exhibitions:

Be who you are and keep to it
Retrospective exhibition of Karel Zelenko

14. 6.−25. 9. 2016

Karel Zelenko (1925) remains one of the last living artists of the generation of ninety-year olds. His works mainly include landscapes, figurative scenes and portraits. All are imbued by a special feeling for fellow man. The themes that frequently tell of the "sad ridiculousness of human destiny" are often treated critically or even with slight irony by the artist, which is exactly what makes his works so topical to this very day. As a great worshiper of nature, he repeatedly also touches upon ecological issues.

Independent Biennial VS Zelenko19 July−18 September 2016
An accompanying exhibition with a selected assortment of Independent authors exploring the potential of illustration as part of the context of the contemporary and the classic. Participating artists: KITSCH NITSCH, Lea Ludvik, Leon Zuodar, Mina Fina and OLGAfaceROK

Stojan Brezočnik, Travellers, 2011–2016
14. 6.−31. 7. 2016

Stojan Brezočnik (1954) is a graduate of the Academy of Pedagogy in Maribor. In 2011, he started planning a graphic series in the dry-point technique entitled Travellers. The Travellers talk about the world and the role of the individual within it.

Aleksandra Zalokar, Linocuts
9. 8.−25. 9. 2016

Aleksandra Zalokar (1985) is a representative of the youngest generation of artists who is intensely devoted to exploring the expressive possibilities of the classical linocut printmaking technique.


The exhibitions are on view from Tuesday to Sunday, 10.00–18.00; and as part of the Summer at MGLC events, every Tuesday in July, until 21.00 (free admission can be enjoyed from 20.00–21.00).

There is no charge for the events, activities and workshops.







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Exhibition by Prešeren Fund Award Winner Tinca Stegovec

Opening, Friday, 10 March, at 6 pm, Gallery of the Prešeren Award Winners, Kranj

10 March–15 April 2017

You are cordially invited to the opening and viewing of the exhibition of prints by Tinca Stegovec, academy-trained painter and printmaker, and Prešeren Fund Award winner for 1976. The artist and her work will be presented at the opening by dr. Milček Komelj and mag. Breda Škrjanec. The exhibition includes 45 fine art graphic prints from the period between 1964 and 1984.

The exhibition was produced in cooperation with the International Centre of Graphic Arts on the occasion of the artist's life jubilee.

Tinca Stegovec is a Slovene painter and printmaker, a follower of the Ljubljana School of Graphic Arts. In 2010, she donated her entire printmaking oeuvre together with matrices and four drawings, as well as a large portion of her specialist library, to MGLC. The exhibition Tinca Stegovec, Prints and Drawings from the MGLC Collection followed a year after that, which was the first comprehensive presentation of the artist's printmaking oeuvre, placing her in the historical canon of modern Slovenian printmaking, within which the excellence of her colour aquatints had not come to full force in the past. In addition to her aquatints, the display also included woodcuts, lithographs, etchings, soft-ground etchings, matrices and drawings.

Tinca Stegovec: In the Harbour, 1974, etching and aquatint.

Watch out! Wet print! #1

Matjaž Wenzel: Men Face Down

7. 3.–3. 4. 2017, the TAM-TAM Street Gallery at Vegova (opposite Glasbena matica)

opening event: Tuesday, 7 March, at 5 pm

The exhibition begins the third season of the TAM-TAM Street Gallery at Vegova ulica in Ljubljana. In 2017, its curatorship has been taken on by the International Centre of Graphic Arts. Through our selection of artists and works, we are highlighting contemporary printed art. The cycle has been curated by Božidar Zrinski. In the past two years, twenty-five artists have been presented as part of the By The Way cycle under the auspices of Kino Šiska. On this occasion, a concluding catalogue to the project, Street Gallery LJ2016, will also be available to view.

The photographic project Men Face Down explores the phenomenon of the human figure lying-down in the public space and its effect within it, as the figure omits to take the usual vertical/standing pose, but finds itself in a horizontal – lying-down position. The depicted subjects include anonyms as well as carefully selected people from the public and cultural life. Their attitude towards the environment is expressed within an intimate, hermetic relationship in some cases, and as a recognizable commentary in others. The selection of the locations of the stagings stems either from the artist's suggestion or the choice of the subject, who experiences the chosen space as a place invested with an emotional or intellectual relationship.

Matjaž Wenzel (1973) is an artist working in the field of photography, video and graphic design. He has designed many books and book covers. He was the recipient of the best book design award in 2007 and 2016, and the Glazer Award in 2011. His photographic works have been presented in several solo and selected group exhibitions at home and abroad, and he was also a finalist for the OHO Award in 2007. He lives and works in Maribor. He is currently also showing his work in the Zines!, Contemporary Zine Production exhibition.

In co-operation with TAM-TAM Company.

Slovene Printmaking

Check Point Paint Art Gallery, Trieste (Via Castaldi 3)
23 January – 6 February 2015, opening on Friday, 23 January at 6 pm

The exhibition presents the works from the MGLC Collection produced between 2009 and 2014, showcasing the small series of works by selected artists of various generations. The series by the more mature artists display a carefully constructed concept, whereas the series by the younger artists have a more experimental air to them, focusing on the artistic exploration of the graphic medium and printmaking techniques, which together contribute to the diversity of the exhibition as a whole.
Artists: Mina Fina, Svetlana Jakimovska Rodić, Ana Ida Mordej, Silvester Plotajs Sicoe, Lina Rica, Mladen Stropnik, Petra Varl, Kamila Volčanšek, Mojca Zlokarnik, the G3 group (Boris Beja, Adrijan Praznik, Jan Tomažin) and the Laibach group.The exhibition was curated by Denis Volk.

Silvester Plotajs Sicoe, Sexy Heart, colour silkscreen, 2009.