Nora Turato, eto ti na

Date: 11. 9.–8. 11. 2020 
Location: Grad Tivoli 
Author: Nora Turato 
Curator: Vladimir Vidmar

eto ti na is the first Slovenian presentation by the Amsterdam-based artist Nora Turato. The title is a Croatian catchphrase – a frequently used standard saying without any special meaning – that sums up Turato’s specific attitude towards language. Her performances, books, murals, posters and videos ruminate on the sentences torn from different contexts, fusing them into eclectic pastiches. The linguistic fragments taken from popular and high culture, advertising and science, have more sound to them than meaning, they vibrate in Nora’s loud performative executions, colourful murals and the energetic typographies of her spatial layouts without any nostalgia over their lost context. The experience of Nora Turato’s exhibition and performance therefore comes close to consuming language in the digital age: the immersion in a multitude of stimuli that concern us more than they address us.


Invader, Prints on Paper

Date: 3. 12. 2020–28. 2.2021
Location: Grad Tivoli
Author: Invader
Curator: Božidar Zrinski

With uncompromising activity, creative enthusiasm, and commitment to the ethical principles of street art, Invader has for more than 20 years been instrumental in making street art an increasingly important part of contemporary art. Invader is an artist, an individual, a movement, an app, a game, and a lifestyle. He is a street art phenomenon who, since first presenting his work at MGLC in 2006, has become a global star in the art world. Now, 15 years later, he returns to Ljubljana. This exhibition will bring together for the first time his publications, maps of invasions, and nearly one hundred original screen prints, lithographs, woodcuts, and other graphic works. Accompanied by an extensive catalogue of the artist’s prints, the exhibition will also include a print made especially for the Ljubljana show.


Leon Zuodar, Could you unsubscribe me?

Date: 3. 12. 2020–17. 1. 2021
Location: Grad Tivoli
Author: Leon Zuodar
Curator: Božidar Zrinski

The exhibition stems from a series of short phone animations produced by Leon Zuodar on a Samsung GT-C3350 called The Noodle during the period of 2014–2015, in the run-up to the flood of smartphones and social networks. He posted his interactive ha-ha-haiku animations on a YouTube channel. These were sent to a select audience on the artist’s mailing list via e-mail. The e-mails with the short animations arrived with the caption, “A noodle a day keeps the doctor away”, a short, parsimonious dose of morning humour. This is a two-part exhibition. It presents the story of telephone animations from the period of 2014–2015 and their adaptation to a gallery space employing various graphic techniques.


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Muzeum – 25 years

21 October – 20 November

Right Atrium, Ljubljana Town Hall
Tivoli Park
International Centre of Graphic Arts

As part of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Muzeum’s activities, the three-part exhibition project presents the spatial installation Boat in the right atrium of the Town Hall, the exhibits Chair and Book in Tivoli Park, and a piece by guest artist Silvia Mariotti, who is, on the occasion of the Muzeum Institute’s jubilee, presenting herself at the International Centre of Graphic Arts.

Chair, Lo scrittore. Photo: Egon Kaše. Muzeum Archive.


There are some spaces left.

We are starting with a new season of printmaking courses in the autumn. We will be learning about classical printmaking techniques in the MGLC studios and will also be creating some prints of our own in selected intaglio printmaking techniques. More information to come soon. Contact:


Tečaji grafičnih tehnik
Foto: Urška Boljkovac. MGLC Archive.



Sculpture and printmaking workshop (36 hours)
Mentor: Veljko Zejak, sculptor

When: Fridays, from 16.00 to 19.00
Where: The Stojan Batič Memorial Studio, MGLC Švicarija

Start of workshop: 6 November 2020

The Printing in Clay II workshop is the continuation of the workshop Printing in Clay, which was conducted at Švicarija two years ago.

Its mentor Veljko Zejak works in the expanded media of sculpture, which also include printing in clay. The technique is his invention and combines ceramics, sculpture and printmaking. It is all about improvising and experimenting with the materials and knowledge available in various media. Ceramics is the base, which is part of the process as well as the final product. 

The workshop is intended for participants with skills and knowledge in the art of sculpture and printmaking. The group is limited to a maximum of 6 people. The workshop should be attended from beginning to end. The workshop will be conducted in accordance with the instructions of the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ). MGLC reserves the right to change or cancel the programme.
Workshop partner: RogLab

Photo: Urška Boljkovac. MGLC Archive.

Participation fee: 180 EUR
The participation fee includes value-added tax. Basic materials are included.

Members of the FRIENDS OF THE BIENNIAL CLUB receive a 15% discount on enrolment, while students, pensioners and the unemployed have a 10% discount on the participation fee.

Applications must be made on the appropriate application form outlining relevant experience or by submitting a portfolio. Applications taken up till the available quota at