A FRIEND OF THE BIENNIAL receives the following benefits in 2017:

•Free admission to all exhibitions.
•A free of charge excursion to Zagreb, where we will view the Print Cabinet of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences, visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, and stroll through the streets of the festively decorated capital, which has been considered as the most beautiful festively decorated city for the past few years now.
•Viewing of a selected artist’s printmaking studio. This time, we have been invited to the studio of Silvester Plotajs Sicoe. Colour is the building block of immeasurable expressiveness to the artist – there can never be too much of it and it positions itself within each piece as a challenge. Sicoe sometimes also crowns his works with a touch of poetry, the master of which he is himself.
•A special guided tour of the exhibitions of the 32nd Biennial of Graphic Arts in the company of the Biennial's curators.
•SOCREA workshop – making original festive greeting cards.
•New Year's greeting card – a small fine art graphic print by an invited artist.
•30% discount on all MGLC publications.
•15% discount on all workshops and courses.
•15% discount on purchases of fine art graphic prints.
•A fine art graphic print from the MGLC Print Studios upon the recommendation and signing up of a new member.
•10% discount on the renewal of membership.
•A welcome gift when signing up.

•12 month membership fee: € 25
•12 month membership fee for those aged 60 years or more, 14 years or less, pupils and students: € 15

You can join the Club of the Friends of the Biennial of the International Centre of Graphic Arts by filling in the Membership Form, presenting your identity card and pupil/student ID card at the MGLC Ticket Office, and paying the appropriate membership fee. Your Membership Card will be sent to you within 14 days of joining, or can alternately be picked up at the MGLC Ticket Office. The Membership Card is valid for one year from the date of joining.


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Watch out! Wet print! #10

Tanja Radež: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018

5. 12. 2017–8. 1. 2018

TAM-TAM Street Gallery at Vegova ulica (opposite Glasbena matica)

Tanja Radež often finds herself in a quandary over the sense of creating national symbols. The symbolic emblems of national identity are often only adornments and no longer support the construction of a bright future. However, the symbols and colours persist through a changing history, since man must quite clearly lay the boundaries of his existence and mark the sovereignty of the group to which he belongs. 

Tanja Radež: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018.


14. 12. 2017–4. 1. 2018

Thursday, 14 December, at 5 pm., Švicarija Creative Center (ground floor)

The Copying project in the form of an artists' book, presents 11 artists, who have each developed and created their own view of copying and the copy.

Artists: Kate Bingaman-Burt, Tate Foley, JULM (Jason Urban & Leslie Mutchler), Leah Mackin, Test Print (Amze Emmons), Garret Orr, Nez Pez, Nika Rupnik, Grace Synder, RL Tillman, Breanne Trammell

Curator: Printeresting

Photo: Printeresting.

From the Švicarija studios

Marija Mojca Pungerčar: A transitional period is foreseen

Thursday, 14 December, at 7 pm, Švicarija Creative Centre (1st floor)
at 18.00, guided tour of the exhibition with Maria Mojca Pungerčar and curator Nina Jeza

A transitional period is foreseen is a project in which artist Marija Mojca Pungerčar stems from a selection of photographs documenting private events that represent or indicate important turning points in life over a prolonged period of time.

Marija Mojca Pungerčar: A transitional period is foreseen.


Friday, 29 October, 11.00–13.00

Festive workshop and performance
Art workshop at the exhibition of Boris Jesih, Connections
Conducted by Nika Rupnik, academy-trained painter and art historian Tina Boc. (60 min)

Kamišibaj gledališče: The Boy on the Cloud and Other Stories
The stories in images and words are told by Irena Rajh. (40 min)

MGLC presents  the festive workshop and performance to children and everyone they love as a gift, therefore anyone from the age of 2 till 90 is warmly invited!