19. 06. 2021 - 15. 08. 2021

Danilo Milovanović: Direct Effects

Pop-up presentation of pictorial reinterpretations of public actions & the end of the residency in MGLC Švicarija

Danilo Milovanović's art practice is based on works in the public space. Even though they are mostly ephemeral interventions, the artist is always concerned with the way his performances are presented. The two-year residency for young artists at MGLC Švicarija gave him a temporary space to plan and reflect on his art practice. As an artist, he is also always part of different forms of community, where he toys with the roles of creator, activist and performer, curator, director of exhibition spaces and festivals.

June 2021
19. 06. 2021 - 15. 08. 2021


The exhibition presents two print portfolios created in the MGLC Print Studio this year. The first, entitled DOBROJUTRO, was conceived by Mladen Stropnik and contains eight screenprints. The portfolio, entitled Color white graphics: F, R, E, Š. was conceived by the artist duo Small but dangers and contains four screenprints.
The exhibition was curated by Božidar Zrinski.

The exhibition will be on view in Grad Tivoli. On Summer Museum Night, 19 June, it will be open from 6 pm till midnight.

March 2021
19. 03. 2021 - 06. 06. 2021

Sonja Vulpes, Limbo


19. 3.–6. 6. 2021

The title of the exhibition Limbo is a carefully chosen word that can aptly and directly describe the artistic and mental expression of the self-portraits in the latest series of prints by Sonja Vulpes, in which uncertainty, disunity and a sense of being trapped in a state of helplessness prevail, the only solution to which seems to be that this will simply pass. She speaks about it sincerely, without shame and without regard to being judged.

The exhibition was curated by Božidar Zrinski.


December 2020
22. 12. 2020 - 15. 08. 2021

Invader: Prints on Paper

For more than twenty years, through his uncompromising work, creative passion, and commitment to the ethical principles of his medium and concept, Invader has helped to make street art an ever more important part of contemporary art. Invader is an artist, an individual, a movement, an app, a game, and a lifestyle. He is a phenomenon in the world of street art, and he has become a global art star.

22. 12. 2020 - 14. 03. 2021

Leon Zuodar, The Noodle


The exhibition is open from Saturday, 23 January.

Drawing, printmaking, painting, zines, animation and comics are the various media that Zuodar uses and masters with confidence. He is committed to the simple communication of content. Instant impact and humour. When he uses an “outdated” phone and social networks, he does not think about increasing the number of his subscribers and the potential influence and reach of his drawn animations.