Andrej Jemec, Geometry and handwriting 1967-83

29. 07. 2014 - 02. 11. 2014
Black Square, 1976, silkscreen, 96 x 69.5 cm

Andrej Jemec donated 68 silkscreens to the permanent collection of the International Centre of Graphic Arts, which represent a brief yet well-rounded series of works produced in the 1970s. This was a period of the artist’s marked interest in colour abstraction under the influence of hard-edge painting, which he could execute effectively and consistently within printmaking by employing the silkscreen technique. An exhibition was dedicated precisely to this print series at MGLC in 1996, providing an additional insight into the creative printmaking of Jemec, after his earlier prints in the intaglio technique had already been shown. With an extensive catalogue accompanying the exhibition, MGLC therefore rounded off a scholarly presentation of one of the most prominent and central creators of the Slovenian art scene.[1]

A repeated viewing of Jemec’ silkscreens offers a different insight into the interesting creative period by the artist. It focuses on a specific period, from 1969 to 1983 to be precise, and with interesting and relevant supplementations shows a conceptual context through which we can trace the artist’s analytical approach and discover the technological features of the silkscreen printmaking technique, which was still relatively new at the time.

The exhibition of colour silkscreens by Andrej Jemec that affords a view into the artist’s drawings, paintings, mobile objects and collages produced during the given period, reveals his investigative zeal in mastering each expressive medium as well as their reciprocal sublimation into a thoughtfully structured and visually purified whole, which is particularly topical for today’s times, brimming with media diversity, impulsiveness of ideas, as well as momentary and fleeting solutions.

[1] Andrej Jemec. Pregledna razstava barvnih sitotiskov 1969–1991, MGLC, Ljubljana, 1997.


The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue with an introductory text by the curator of the exhibition Božidar Zrinski.

Editors Andrej Jemec, Božidar Zrinski
Ljubljana, 2014
32 pages, Slovene and English Language, colour reproductions
Price 5 EUR