BIRDHOUSE IN TIVOLI, Zines from the Zina Niche reading room and the production of Hiša kulture in Pivka

16. 11. 2022 - 11. 12. 2022

16. 11.–11. 12. 2022
MGLC Švicarija
Entrance free

Opening: Wednesday, 16 November 2022, at 5.30 pm, at MGLC Švicarija.

Zina zina zina ... Zines we read
Mojca Grmek 

Hiša kulture in Pivka has been around since 1998, originally a hub for various programmes in urban culture, but after 2013, under the leadership of a new team, the focus shifted to the visual arts. Today it is the most important contemporary art gallery in the region between Ljubljana and Koper. Its activity is based on several programmes in which it presents contemporary art trends, with a focus on unconventional and progressive artistic approaches.

The basis of the gallery's activity is the exhibition programme, which presents the current production of Slovenian artists, as well as occasional larger thematic, problem-oriented or study exhibitions. In addition to the exhibition programme, there are several accompanying programmes, the most important of which is the creative programme in the print studio, which Hiša kulture has run from the very beginning and is one of the most important advantages and special features of this space. This programme also promotes the development of the collection of graphic works and art publications, which are presented in a permanent exhibition in the spaces of Hiša kulture.

In 2017, Zina Niche, a small reading room, found its home on the premises of Hiša kulture, which grew out of the personal archive of art publications of the painter Leon Zuodar. In the following five years, it evolved from a simple bookshelf, mainly for those interested in photocopies, risography and silkscreen printing in publications, to a small exhibition and event space presenting contemporary zine production, graphic books and artists' books in the form of various events, open to the widest audience.

The exhibition entitled Birdhouse in Tivoli presents in one place the entire zine production of Hiša kulture, which is created in parallel to the exhibitions and ties in with them both thematically and artistically, as well as the selected collection of Zina Niche with a focus on artists from Slovenia, who create autonomously or in collaboration with independent publishers.

On the photo
Leon Zuodar, Birdhouse in Tivoli, 2022,

Production: MGLC
Co-production: Hiša kulture v Pivki, Zinko Tiček