David Lynch: Fire on Stage

13. 04. 2018 - 29. 07. 2018
David Lynch: Fire on Stage, 2008, (lithography, 66 x 89 cm). Curtesy: Item Éditions.

In April, we are preparing the first presentation of the American director, screenwriter, photographer, painter, musician and printmaker David Lynch in Slovenia. Lynch gained cult status as a filmmaker, but it is less known that his path to film bypassed painting, which he studied in the 1960s. Later, during the various fertile periods of his career, he dedicated his attention to visual art in greater and lesser extents. In 2007, when he visited the distinguished Idem printing studio in Paris, which had in the past collaborated with artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Miró and Dubuffet, he became enchanted by the technique of lithography and drawing directly onto the lithographic stone. The seventy lithographs presented in the Ljubljana show were created through his experimentation with the expressive quality of the graphic medium. The presentation is rounded off with the images from private collections, watercolors and a selection of experimental and animated films from the beginning of the 1970s to the present. With the interweaving of an expressive, grotesque and direct address that overflows through his entire spectrum of art, a Lynchian atmosphere is conjured up, which will be pursued by award-winning scenographer Branko Hojnik in the set-up of the exhibition.

Curator: Božidar Zrinski


Friday, 20 July, 19.00–21.00

Admission to the exhibition (5, 2.5 EUR for both events)

19.00 David Lynch and Transcendental Meditation, presentation,
conducted by dr. Andrej Rus, teacher of transcendental meditation

According to David Lynch, Transcendental Meditation is a very important part of his creative art process. In a short lecture, dr. Andrej Rus will explain how and why experiencing the deeper, more inventive layers of mentality during Transcendental Meditation develops creativity, which is so important for artists.

Gregor Kresal, a former student of Lynch, whose films have received a number of international awards, will present his personal experience of this.

Dr. Andrej Rus is one of the best teachers of Transcendental Meditation in Europe and a Doctor of Science in Anthropology. Gregor Kresal is a top climber and award-winning filmmaker, who studied film in the United States with David Lynch.

20.00 Miroslav Karić: Under the surface ... Lynch as a Visual Artist. Interweaving of pictorial and film motifs, final lecture of the exhibition Fire on Stage. (The lecture is in the Serbian language.)

Under the Surface ... Visual Artist David Lynch

Lecture by Miroslav Karić

The main themes of the lecture will be the period of Lynch's art development and some key features of his pictorial/visual art (motivational space, thematic content, stylistic-formal solutions). David Lynch – painter, draughtsman, printmaker, photographer. There are many well-known as well as many less well-known facts about the professional biography of this artist. The great dedication and engagement, especially within the field of fine art, are not only characteristic of the author's film career but go beyond that. The fruit of his work spanning over more than fifty years is a surprisingly great number of paintings, drawings, graphic prints and photographs. His art production, given the diversity of mediums, also includes comics, sculptures, installations ... The last decade has seen the organisation of a host of retrospectives of Lynch's artwork (Paris, Philadelphia, Tokyo, Brisbane). The interest of the art experts is demonstrated by numerous books, whereas interdisciplinary research deals with the various aspects of his artistic oeuvre as a whole, in terms of both content and issue. It is precisely Lynch's experience within painting and his creativity in the field of the fine and visual arts that have had a decisive influence on his approach to film. They have shaped him, especially his way of thinking, making it seem as if he were able to use the image as the bearer of meaning to communicate his idea or film story with greater ease than dialogue.

Miroslav Karić (Belgrade, 1975), art historian, has been working as a curator in the Remont Independent Art Association since 2001. Since 2003, he has been a member of the editorial group of Remont Art Magazine. He was the editor of the Exhibitions section of the Belgrade monthly cultural guide Yellow Cab for several years. His professional biography cites that he has worked as a coordinator, curator as well as author of texts in more than twenty national and international projects within the field of contemporary visual art. In 2017 – together with curator Sladjana Petrović Varagić – he was artistic director of the Artget Gallery at the Cultural Centre in Belgrade, and one of the curators and text authors for the catalogue to the exhibition David Lynch’s Small Stories, which was held in Belgrade last year.

Opening day, Friday, 13 April, 12.00–21.00
The exhibition is open to view between 12.00 and 21.00.

12.00: Opening guided tour by the director of MGLC Nevenka Šivavec and the curator of the exhibition Božidar Zrinski.
21.00: an evening audio-visual live performance with jesusonecstasy + izland, Švicarija Creative Centre.

Admission free to both events


Blue Velvet Revisited
Sunday, 15 April, 19.00, Kinodvor

Documentary on the filming of Lynch's cult thriller Blue Velvet.
Directed by: Peter Braatz, Germany/Slovenia, 2016, 85', sp

Admission payable

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