06. 07. 2019
Amy Whitaker Assistant Professor, Visual Arts Administration, NYU

6. 7. 2019, 10:00–14:30

We invite you to take part in a one-day workshop:

Business School for Artists: A Creative Approach to Business Planning

The workshop programme encompasses addressing business as a creative practice, being a step ahead of others, taking into account resources, time and costs, analysis of profitability, business plan as a narrative aid, as well as conclusion and questions. The workshop is led by Amy Whitaker, Assistant Professor at New York University. She completed her postgraduate studies in Management at Yale School of Management and postgraduate studies in Painting at the Slade School of Fine Art. She is the author of the books Museum Legs (2009) and Art of Thinking (2016).



1. Framing Business as a Creative Practice
Protecting space and amplifying reach
The limitations of language
The idea of inventing point B

2. Lighthouse Questions (interactive and hands-on)
Developing the question that drives your work (and this project)

3. Resources, Time, and Costs
Resource audit: what you need to do your work (interactive exercise)
Time and money: cross subsidies and what supports your R&D (story and interactive exercise)
Fixed and variable cost
Cost and budget worksheet (interactive exercise)

4. Breakeven Analysis
How to plan the mechanics of paying for your project
How grants and earned income come together

5. Other kinds of costs and advantages
Transaction costs
Scale and scope

6. Business plans as storytelling devices
Introduction to business plans
Discussion of an example from the room (interactive)
Templates and collective design challenges (interactive)
Business plan exercise (interactive exercise)

7. Conclusions and questions


Students and graduates of art schools and academies have priority in applying.
Participation fee: 35 EUR

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