Matjaž Geder, Preparations for Improvisation

17. 10. 2018 - 11. 11. 2018
Matjaž Geder, Spring is Here Again, 2018, monoprint, 64 x 98 cm.

Preparations for Improvisation can be understood, and also viewed, through the exhibition context as a teaching process, which Matjaž Geder is actively involved in at the Murska Sobota II Elementary School. The connection with his working environment and personal creative ambitions is evident in his last monoprints created in 2018, in which school desks serve as the printed background. Geder skilfully employs a relaxed, childlike and often mischievous "ornamentation" of school desks, upgrading them with his own reflections and pictorial forms, which result from using and printing various materials such as construction nets, plants, paper aeroplanes, different stamps, processed artistic motifs from the history of art and other objects.

With their conceptual design, pictorial perfection and narrative loquaciousness, the graphic prints of Matjaž Geder waver on the edge of the printmaking medium, slipping into painting here and there, which makes them literally unrepeatable and unique.

Curator: Božidar Zrinski

Accompanying Programme to the Exhibition

Printmaking to the youth!

Wednesday, 7 November, at 17.00

The programme connects the retrospective exhibition by Riko Debenjak with the concurrent exhibitions by the artists of the younger generation: Tina Mohorović, Alja Košar and Matjaž Geder. It is shaped by the students of Art History from the Faculty of Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana.

Guided tour of the exhibition with the curators of the exhibition, Breda Škrjanec and Božidar Zrinski.

 Talk with Tina Mohorović, Alja Košar and Matjaž Geder conducted by the students of art history.