Mina Fina, This mess we´re in

29. 07. 2014 - 02. 11. 2014
Beneath your tender touch, 2014, silk screen, 100 x 70 cm

The thoughtfully chosen title of the exhibition This mess we’re in can be understood as an attempt to illustrate the context in which images and words constantly complement each other, stem from one another and together form a hybrid visual-verbal nature of the works on show. She often draws the images of women in erotic poses from pornographic magazines, but without the explicit intimate details that would cause them to preserve their stereotypical function as an object of desire. In such a way she turns the cleansed and flattened silhouettes of the bodies into signs, which may connote new ways of reading and understanding the symbolic pose of the body language. Within the context of contemporary society and the role of the mass media they could be regarded as satirical or aesthetic images, full of subversive potential. We can observe them as letters or as scattered fragments of associative language, which is at times recognisable, or not. She presents them in a vague setting, sometimes completely empty and white, at other times completely filled with seemingly unrecognizable scribbles. This lures us with the expressively drafted details of the roughly sketched faces, the boldly animated grotesque smiles, and the stylized silhouettes of images taken from nature. In such a flatly and scenically organized ambience, the monumental dark silhouette of a flower can also address us as the shadow of pure thought, hope or aspiration, which is sketched out in front of the abstract and chaotic background. Also the letters, words and phrases are not merely handwriting on the wall or in the zine, but become drawings, full of smudged and crossed out highlights and replaced words.

The visually theatrical set-up allows daydreaming and gives rise to light conversation and fantasy on the one hand, and more profound thinking focused on the individual details that are like the intricate knots of the chaotic present, on the other.


Mina Žabnikar (Mina Fina), born in 1978, graduated in 2002 from the Department of Visual Communications at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. During her studies she received two awards for typographic excellence from TDC New York. She received the Award for Excellence at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design for her final degree piece as well as the Brumen Award. She is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and VJ. She is a member of the Ee design group as well as the YGT (Your Gay Thoughts) audio-visual collective. She has recently been concerned with the exploration of drawing, animation and video. She has published several original artist’s publications, zines and artist’s books, and has published two print series in cooperation with MGLC. The first was presented at MGLC in 2012, and the second is being shown in this year’s solo exhibition entitled This mess we're in. 


The exhibition is accompanied by a fanzine with selected drawings from sketch books.

This mess we´re in

40 pages, black&white offset print, soft binding, 16.2 x 23 cm, uncoated paper, edition 150, 2014