Miran Kreš, Illuminations

17. 04. 2013 - 26. 05. 2013
Miran Kreš, T, pigments and acrylic on canvas, wood and wall, 30 x 31 x 5 cm, 2012

Miran Kreš (1973) is a member of an international group of abstract painters. He sees paintings as an open-ended science or as a set of psychological effects of colour and form on the viewer. He makes the observer contend with a paradoxical dichotomy – namely, if the lighting of the exhibition space is appropriately dimmed, the monochrome white painterly objects and wall paintings, which are almost indiscernible to the eye, change into colour surfaces and geometric shapes that emit light. The works are on the verge of object and painting. The artist explores visual forms whereby colours and shapes are slowly becoming increasingly minimalist, yet intense in their incidence, since they are reminiscent of projections and lasers, which give the viewer a unique perception of the gallery space.