Miroslav Cukovic, Cartography of In-Between Space

19. 02. 2013 - 07. 04. 2013
Miroslav Cukovic, Swimming Between the Lines, 2012.

CURATOR Yasmin Martin Vodopivec

Miroslav Cukovic first presented himself at the International Centre of Graphic Arts a year ago as part of the Prints and Impressions exhibition, a review of contemporary Slovene graphic arts production, where his work raised the approval of the expert as well as the general public.

On this occasion, he presents his production of the last three years in a solo show. The visitor strolls through the Cartography of In-Between Space exhibition in the same way as it is built up by the artist: the works make up a story with in-between spaces, emptiness, which is, however, not static, but is the place of constant transition of cross-relationships between the exhibited works. Miroslav Cukovic perceives transition as transformation. Transition carries within itself the idea of the final destination and the future. Moving toward the final point is marked by timelessness.

The exhibition establishes a spontaneous, yet pervasive dialogue with the oeuvre of William S. Burroughs, since Miroslav Cukovic, like Burroughs himself, is also interested in the unforeseen possibilities of paper, collage and printmaking techniques as mediums. The exhibition was curated by Yasmin Martin Vodopivec.

Miroslav Cukovic (1982), an American artist of Yugoslav descent, is an academy trained painter, who completed his studies at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit (Michigan, USA) in 2005, where he was also a printmaking lecturer for a time. He was also employed as an assistant in the Graphic Arts Department at the Detroit Institute of Arts. He regularly exhibits his prints, drawings, sculptures as well as installations around Europe and in the US, where he has been the recipient of several awards. He also works in the public space. In 2009, he carried out the intervention Orange Movement in Maribor, and last year, the project The Maribor Milky Way, which was part of the Maribor European Capital of Culture programme.