Mladen Stropnik, Sofa

30. 11. 2012 - 10. 02. 2013
Mladen Stropnik: That's the Fucking Cloud, 2011, animation.

ARTIST Mladen Stropnik

CURATOR Božidar Zrinski

In the Sofa show, Mladen Stropnik has supplemented his print portfolio entitled Beć, which was published by MGLC in early 2011, with drawings and a video projection. The exhibited works are linked by the illogical, random, momentary and inspiring, into an interesting understanding of art as something ungraspable, unfamiliar and inconceivably clear-cut. The author expects from the viewer the right amount of humour, the formation of random links and associative leaps from one print to the other. If there are words in the foreground on one print, there is just the format of the paper, colour or diagonally cut edges on the other. The subject contained in the title of the works is an association to the artist’s visual and conceptual world, and the start of a provocation of the viewer’s intellect. This is precisely why we can view the Sofa exhibition as child’s play in its realization, yet incomprehensibly complex in interpretation.



Saturday, 19 January and Sunday, 20 January
Workshop conducted by Mladen Stropnik.



Editor Božidar Zrinski
Ljubljana, 2012
25 pages, Slovene and English language, colour reproductions
Price 5 EUR