Production 2010-2012

04. 06. 2013 - 25. 06. 2013
Installation view of the exhibition at MGLC. Photo: Urška Boljkovac.

The exhibition offers an insight into the work produced in the MGLC Print Studios in the past three years. We can see that on the one hand MGLC has provided established and experienced artists with an opportunity to produce work, and has on the other hand kept the door open to those younger and perhaps somewhat less experienced artists, whose artwork is more experimental and investigative.

An important conceptual starting point for the exhibition was to invite artists to add some of their most recent works to the prints that emerged in the MGLC studios, be they directly or indirectly linked to printmaking. In a way, such an approach illustrates the integration of the printmaking medium in the overall production of the artist, whilst also pinpointing the range of ways in which artists can give meaning to their ideas in a manner that is formally different and disseminate them to the audience. The exhibition shows that the individual prints were in many cases a starting point for subsequent installations, spatial set-ups and artists’ books of greater complexity.

The Production 2010–2012 exhibition demonstrates that the activity of the MGLC Print Studios is intensive and diversified, both in terms of promoting artistic approaches as well as maintaining interest for various printmaking techniques. It makes a significant contribution to the corporate image of MGLC, which is not only a museum that specializes in printmaking, but also a lively production and publishing centre.

Artists: Mina Fina, Črtomir Frelih, G3 (Boris Beja, Adrijan Praznik, Jan Tomažin), Svetlana Jakimovska Rodić, Ana Ida Mordej, Tjaša Rener, Lina Rica, Zora Stančič, Petra Varl, Kamila Volčanšek, Petra Petančič, Silvester Plotajs Sicoe, Mojca Zlokarnik


Accompanying programme


The Senzorium Theatre works with sensorial theatrical poetics which involves all the senses as a bridge between actors and visitors. The project Le Petit Fabrique de Esperanza gives priority to smell, placing it into the role of a dramatic text. 

Performers: Meta Černe, Jerica Majerhold Ostrovršnik, Vesna Vrabelj, Valentina Plaskan, Veronika Brinjšek, Barbara Pia Jenič
11, 15, 18 in 25 June at 8 pm