The Centres of Printmaking: At the Intersection of Knowledge, Learning and Cooperation

11. 10. 2016 - 08. 02. 2017
Installation view at MGLC. Photo: Jaka Babnik.

The exhibition is the beginning of a long-term international professional collaboration, exhibition tours, as well as residencies for artists and art experts.

The exhibitions presented by the individual centres:

The Print Center from Philadelphia (United States)

founded in 1915, is a prestigious non-profit institution, whose activities promote the growth and understanding of photography and printmaking as vital contemporary arts. From its very start it is dedicated to the graphic arts, supporting the dissemination, study, production and collection of works by printmakers, American and foreign. In 1942, the Centre donated its collection of prints to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, forming the core of their fledgling print department. The presentation highlights the work of three contemporary artists from Philadelphia who have been shown in recent exhibitions.  Each of those artists is paired with an artist who has an important historical connection to the organization. Amze Emmons is being presented in a pair with Art Spiegelman, who created works as part of The Print Center's residency programme in the 1980s, Shelley Thorstensen makes a pair with Stanley William Hayter, who taught workshops on experimental intaglio processes at The Print Center in the 1940s, and Andrew Jeffrey Wright is paired with Edna Andrade, whose work was the subject of a 2012 retrospective at The Print Center.

The Centre for Graphic Art and Visual Researches from Belgrade

founded in 1995, is the first and only such institution in Serbia, dedicated to the production and presentation of original graphic works by local and foreign artists. Over the many years of operation, the Centre has become an international artistic crossroads for printmakers of all generations and a source of production, collection and presentation of prints. The exhibition presents a selection of works from their extensive production, exposing the artists whose creativity moves in various artistic expressions, whereas printmaking opens up new possibilities of research for them with its formal democratic nature. Works are also included, whose idea and theme can be flexibly translated into a variety of mediums including printmaking, but in such a way that the momentousness of their message is not lost through the process.

Presented in the exhibition: Raša Todosijević, Zoran Naskovski, Vladimir Perić, Predrag Nešković, Dušan Otašević, Gabrijel Glid, Miodrag Mlađović, Bojan Bem, Branka Kuzmanović, Kosta Bogdanović, Marija Dragojlović, Milan Blanuš, Simonida Rajčević, Daniela Fulgosi, Anja Jerčič, Dimitrije Pecić, Milan Antić, Andreas Nader, Oliver Hölzl, Sebastián García Hiudobro, Kristian Egholm Bust, Christian Bär, Zoran Todorović, Zoran Graovac, Vladimir Veljašević, Srđan Đile Marković, Bora Iljovski, Miodrag Rogić, Nikola Korać, Marina Marković, Ksenija Pantelić, Vladimir Milanović, Milica Crnobrnja Vukadinović, Nikola Marković, Nikola Velicki.

International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC)

is a specialized museum with a rich print collection, a vibrant production and publishing centre, as well as the internationally recognized producer of the Biennial of Graphic Arts. Since its establishment in 1986, the Centre has been aware of just how important the conditions for uninterrupted creative work are, hence conceiving one of its major foundations as regards content and organisation in the form of experimental print workshops for intaglio printmaking, lithography and screen printing. With the shaping of a residency programme in the recent years, it is developing into a complex and new cultural, educational and social centre. It presents itself in the exhibition with a selection from the permanent collection and works by Gorazd Šefran, Bogdan Borčić and Lojze Logar, who importantly contributed to the establishment and start up of the centre of graphic arts with their work and donations of prints. The print portfolio Absolutely White and Black is one of the Centre's unique artistic and publishing projects including fifteen participating artists, who work with geometric abstract art in various derivations like systemic, programmed and optical art. In 2003, MGLC began to expand its collection of artistic publications with extensive donations of artists' books, which is why the exhibition presents a selection from this collection – one of the most referential of this type in Central Europe today. Current studio production, which places contemporary artistic content and meaning to the forefront through printmaking, is represented by the works of Small but Dangers, Lina Rica, Mladen Stropnik, Vadim Fiškin and Yusuf Merhi.

The exhibition was curated by:

Božidar Zrinski (MGLC, Ljubljana), John Caperton (The Print Center, Philadelphia), Ljiljana Tašić ("Akademija" Centre for Graphic Art and Visual Researches, Belgrade)


Tuesday, 24 November, at 5 pm, conducted by the exhibition curator, Božidar Zrinski

The curator of the exhibition, Božidar Zrinski, will present the exhibition, which has been prepared by the International Centre of Graphic Arts together with two similar institutions, The Print Center from Philadelphia (United States) and the "Akademija" Centre for Graphic Art and Visual Researches from Belgrade (Serbia). The exhibition presents more than fifty artists of various expressions and showcases the full diversity of classical and contemporary fine art printmaking, the surpassing of the classical medium, the complexity of the graphic print, as well as the charm of exploration and experimentation in printmaking. With a focus on presenting MGLC, some local artists will also accompany the curator in the exhibition tour. MGLC is exhibiting works by Gorazd Šefran, Bogdan Borčić, Lojze Logar, the artists of the Totally Black and White print portfolio (Getulio AlvianiRichard Anuszkiewicz, Andreas ChristenAnthony HillJanusz KapustaJulije KniferEdoardo LandiPeter Lowe, Manfredo MassironiAlmir MavignierFrançois MorelletIvan PiceljJeffrey SteeleJoël Stein in Ryszard Winiarski), as well as works by artists of the younger generation: Small but Dangers, Lina Rica, Mladen Stropnik, Vadim Fiškin and Yusuf Merhi.

The guided tour will also be given in Slovene Sign Language by interpreter Tanja Giuliatti.

Viewing of the exhibition and guided tour are free of charge for members of the Friends of the Biennial Club, for the deaf and hard of hearing, as well as other visitors with sensory impairments.

Saturday, 3 December – This Happy Day of Culture, 
11 am: for families and children with Museum Counsellor Lili Šturm
3 pm: with the exhibition curator, Božidar Zrinski and printing master, Slavko Pavlin.
Poet Ksenija Jus will be presenting her poetry during the tour.

Wednesday, 8 February – Slovenian Culture Day
10.30 am: for families and children with Museum Counsellor Lili Šturm
3 pm, is conducted by the curator of the exhibition Božidar Zrinski in the company of e-literature author and pioneer of web art Jaka Železnikar, who will this time take us around the exhibition and its tour through the twitter social network at @mglc_ljubljana