WATCH OUT! WET PRINT! #6 Jaka Babnik: Top Location

09. 08. 2017 - 04. 09. 2017
Jaka Babnik: Top Location.

As signs of development and local progress, roundabouts have become the subject of public debates on effective traffic regulation, modernization and the economic progress of a particular town, immediately also accompanied by discussions on their aesthetic and urban potential. With the construction of roundabouts, a new type of space has appeared as a target for the gaze in the Slovenian traffic and cultural landscape – a top location. This has been recognised by the local authorities as an excellent opportunity to express the identity of their town and its surroundings. They have embarked upon designing and arranging roundabouts quite seriously, perhaps even overzealously at times, in many cases making the top location a space presenting the stereotypical image of the town and expression of the homelike mindset, which is hard to grasp by those driving by. The series of photographs entitled Top Location is a photo-documentary contribution to the discussion on the aesthetic values that we shape collaboratively by using the public space.

Jaka Babnik (1979) graduated in Sociology and History at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. He has been working as an independent artist, photographer, cameraman and filmmaker since 1996. He was the photography editor of the Slovenian-Croatian magazine Pendrek during 1998–2006, and edited the Kontejner magazine during the period 2006–2009. In 2006, he made the Listen to Srečna mladina music documentary. He works as a photographer, curator and publisher, and has established himself with numerous high-profile projects such as Art of Asphalt (with Sergej Vutuč), and photographic series like We Are Dogs! (2009), Jebodrom (2014), Holy LandHeroes of my time and Why so serious? in year 2017. Since 2012, he has been running the independent photography publisher Rostfrei Publishing (with Boštjan Pavletič). He lives and works in Ljubljana.