EDITOR(S) Breda Škrjanec

AUTHOR(S) OF THE TEXT(S) Petja Grafenauer Krnc, Laura Safred, Breda Škrjanec


LANGUAGE(S) Slovene, English

DESCRIPTION The catalogue to the exhibition Edvard Zajec, The Artist and the Computer is a presentation of the artist’s works, which connect art and graphic art with computer technology. The artist of Slovene decent is recognized as one of the world’s pioneers in computer art. He is a representative of the artistic avant-garde, which is characterized by the use of ideas and materials, which he drew from various cultures and disciplines, but he is also recognizable mainly because of his use of the computer as a means of artistic expression. The artist was educated between Trieste, Slovenia and the USA, where he got the opportunity to work with a computer, when these were still expensive and inaccessible to the general public. In 1980 he founded the Department for Computer Art at Syracuse University (New York), of which he is head to this very day. The exhibition was curated by Breda Škrjanec.

ISBN 978-961-6229-20-3

Petja Grafenauer Krnc, Laura Safred, Breda Škrjanec Edvard Zajec, The Artist and the Computer: From the Beginnings to the Present


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