EDITOR(S) Božidar Zrinski

AUTHOR(S) OF THE TEXT(S) Lilijana Stepančič, Božidar Zrinski, Nataša Velikonja, Nataša Petrešin


LANGUAGE(S) Slovene, English

DESCRIPTION The catalogue to the exhibition Graffiti Artists presents graffiti as a popular and recognisable expression of urban subculture, placed into a gallery context for the first time in Slovenia. In recent years, graffiti has been a popular and recognisable mode of expression of the Slovene urban subculture. Upon the invitation of MGLC, graffiti artists transferred part of the street scene into the gallery and created new, commissioned works. The exhibition presented tags, pieces and bombers, sprayed and partly painted directly onto the gallery walls. They differed according to style and content, thus indicating the local provenance of individual graffitists. The exhibition presented sixteen graffiti artists from Maribor, Celje and Ljubljana. Their identities were not revealed; they were identified merely by their signatures, i.e., their tags. The catalogue includes theoretical texts by Lilijana Stepančič, Graffiti as Contemporary Monuments, Masterpieces by Božidar Zrinski, Lion the Tiger’s Graffiti in the Gallery, Graffiti: Revolutionary Street Reading by Nataša Velikonja as well as interview with joke42 by Nataša Petrešin. The exhibition was curated by Božidar Zrinski. The catalogue received the Award of Excellence and was the finalist in the category of Catalogues and Monographs of the Brumen Foundation in 2005; designed by ID Studio.

ISBN 961-6229-08-7

Lilijana Stepančič, Božidar Zrinski, Nataša Velikonja, Nataša Petrešin Graffitists


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